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In the fast-paced development of technology, we cannot wait to see how well it could do for our life. In 2018, “Self-driving cars, artificially intelligent doctors and deliveries” are supposed to be the most northworthy technology trends. Technology is still growing intensely and embedded in what we are doing.

And, many people are wondering why technology can affect and lead our lives to the most successful industry revolution. Thus, 3 kinds of technology trends will be mentioned below to account for the technological innovation and human’s high living standard.


AI is defined as some kinds of features. Many businesses regard AI as a software program or a tool to deal with software problems. Besides, some people treat AI as a human and raise it responsibly because it can do and support human with life issues. And, this kind can be called “Citizen AI”. Research showed that 81% of executives did a favour of AI being a colleague and cooperator in organizations. It can do whatever people can do or do more efficiently.


Internet of thing (IoT) – what is it? According to Forbes (2014), IoT is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet. It is all about machines, smartphones, devices or anything else you can see these days.

Everything can connect and be connected thanks to the Internet. By 2020, 200 billion devices will be connected to the internet (Intel). It shows a huge number of stuffs which can help people exchange information, communicate with each other or do housework easily. That seems to be good news to busy-working generations.


Data is becoming bigger and bigger – Pros or Cons?

Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defined that “Big Data” was data of a very large size, typically to the extent that its manipulation and management present significant logistical challenges.”

Whenever we use services or connect to social networks, we create a very huge amount of data. 3.5 million of people search on Google, 900,000 users hit Facebook, and 452,000 of those post to Twitter every second. The Berkeley researchers said that in 1999, there were about 1.5 billion gigabytes of information, and that amount had doubled in 3 years. The number of information has grown rapidly and unprecedentedly when we are living and working in 4.0 industry. Nevertheless, “Big Data” is not a challenge for scientists to find out the solutions. We can make use of it by collecting the data from social media, create the predictive model and analyze the statistics to assess and comment on how this data affect the business activities.

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