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On 12th October 2016, Hanoi, Vietnam – The Youth Union of Hanoi announced 25 Distinguished Young Entrepreneurs. Recognized nationally, the award honored an outstanding group of business leaders who inspired others with their vision, achievements and more importantly, great social contributions. Besides, the union recognized other capital’s youngsters in other fields as 32 young excellent officers & workers with typical creative projects selected among over 50 proposals from inferior units. All honored works have been successfully applied in real production or proved practical in socio-economic life.

Van Dang won the Award of 25 Distinguished Young Entrepreneur 2016 (Photo: Savvycom-er)

Present in this list, Ms. Dang Thanh Van, Savvycom CEO certainly had a big night last week. She shared: “Today, an entrepreneurial spirit is reflected not only in innovation and assurance of corporate sustainability but also in social corporate responsibility. The winners of this year are recognized being successful in diverse industries. They demonstrate demeanor of outstanding entrepreneurs. I take great pleasure in offering my heartfelt congratulations to all of them on their achievements.” Technology is constantly evolving and each new innovation has the potential to improve and change lives, making tech one of the most exciting industries to work in. No secret that most of the today’s biggest tech startups were founded and are currently run by men. However, smart and ambitious women are changing the status quo and inspiring other women to join them in the fast-growing world of technology, including Van Dang. Being Savvycom CEO, international software development company, in her role, she oversees strategic initiatives and leads the company to be in the top 30 IT leading company in Vietnam, growing all areas of the business, including marketing, technology, product. Although already a successful entrepreneur, she is participating in initiatives and supporting a number of corporate social responsibility activities such as Although already a successful entrepreneur, she is participating in initiatives and supporting a number of corporate social responsibility activities such as Cherie Blair – Women Mentoring Programme. This has been proved to be an effective programme, pioneering a new way to support women entrepreneurs worldwide. Van Dang uses her voice to better connect Cherie Blair Foundation and Vietnamese Women.

Van Dang in Mentoring Women in Business Programme of Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and HNEW (Photo: Cherie Blair Foundation)

Currently, Van Dang is taking up some of other important roles, typically being Vice President of VNITO Alliance (Vietnam IT Outsourcing Alliance), a non-profit organization to promote Vietnam ITO/BPO sector. It aims to gather Vietnam software outsourcing enterprises and create an effective bridge between the ITO/BPO community and the government. Ideally, VNITO assists outsourcing buyers and service providers to network, cooperate and discuss trends, issues, and opportunities related to software outsourcing. Hopefully, not only being a successful CEO leading Savvycom to be a big saying in IT industry, Van will be an inspiring story for fellow entrepreneurs, essentially for women to greatness and have stronger voice in society.

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