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Responsive Design Responsive Web design has become one of the hottest design trends not only in 2013 but also a few years earlier. However, RWD is not the master key in modern web design. On the view of experts in RWD, there is still a list of problems that challenge designers in RWD project, as follows.

The limitation of mobile functionalities

It is such a challenge to develop a mobile-friendly design with appropriate content and smart UI. Unnecessary functions should be removed, and content is also edited to suit mobile version. Many designers prefer mobile-first strategy in which they focus on the mobile version at initial planning. However, this strategy is not strongly recommended as lots of problems – either expected or unexpected – will occur then. Certain features may not translate well to the desktop version, for example.

The instability of the design phase

In the past, designers were able to follow a traditional design process. But things change when they adopt Responsive Design. Now, designers have to create quick HTML and CSS as well as rely on fast sketches. These tasks are much harder than simply creating a static screenshot as they did traditionally.

The image size problem

featured-web-project The fragmentation of options to control image size is another challenge for designers in Responsive Design projects. Besides, it’s in the times when devices are rapidly upgraded and new generations are created with higher-pixel-density monitors. In that situation, images will be seen blurry if they were scaled up badly. Therefore, it is better for image size handling to be flexible.

Restricted testing time and cost

Although not really a technical issue, restricted testing time and cost are the most concerned problems in every Responsive Design project. Designers are always confused with classic questions: what devices to test, which testing method is the best one, how much testing cost is enough and how long the testing process takes. For the testing cost, problems really rise as designers usually attempt to build a collection of devices which involves a lot of expense. The problem of testing time is even more stressful because the time needed to test a site has certainly risen.

The old fixed-width sites

The last problem is converting the old fixed-width sites. Several sites maintain old fixed-layout design with inflexibly engineered code and it is so tricky for the designer to convert the code to create a new responsive site. Difficulties arise from any phase: reversing templates and style sheets or opting for a green field rebuild, etc.

Despite those problems, web designers and developers are struggling for better solutions. And RWD is assured to win out in the coming years. At Savvycom – Our competent web developers grasp a good understanding of your business to create powerful CMS for management. More than that, we’re working with a perception that the top websites must be rich in both content and design, the developer team collaborates jointly with the graphic design team to build a visually impressive website that suits your specific business purposes. If you’re embracing an ambition to develop your own business site, don’t wait too long to make it real. Just CONTACT US now !!!

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