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A web development project can hardly be completed without a good strategy. As a client or manager who is responsible for a web development project, you may not know every detail in the developing process. However, there are some key points that you should ask the development team to fulfil. They are described in the five following questions.

1. What devices and platforms will the site be accessible on?


Nowadays, people can access a site not only on a PC but also on a wide range of mobile devices, thanks for the development of pervasive wireless access. So deciding what device the site can be accessed on would be the first issue in the development process.

This will help you avoid many annoying problems, for example, your site – which is developed for PC – become inaccessible on smaller form factor devices. In that case, you will have to redevelop the site from scratch. That inconvenience may turn your users away several years from now. Therefore, it is better to have a wise decision before it’s too late.

2. How much bandwidth will our site be wasting?

bandwidth-limit The amount of bandwidth of your website let you know how much you have to pay for it. The larger the site’s bandwidth is, the more it costs you. A tip to save is to reduce the file size of web pages, which also means faster loading pages. Besides, there is another way to save half of the bandwidth cost while double the download speed: transit from older purely HTML based designs to more modern development techniques such as CSS and XHTML.

3. Will our website expose us to the risk of legal action?

Different countries have different standards for legal website access. Based on the legislation of the targeting countries, you should make sure that the website does not expose to the risk of legal action. To do so while still widen the accessibility of the site, you should ensure that your development team uses the latest web standards as well as understands the key issues in web accessibility. Furthermore, let’s do accessibility audits. Your site will be safe and accessible to a visitor from many areas of the world.

4. How upgradable will the website be?


Don’t forget to question your developers about the website’s possibility to upgrade. Because the cost for maintaining the website is very high, it is necessary to make the site as upgradable as possible. Ask the developers to keep the appearance of the site fresh, make it easy to add content in order to meet business needs and bring a competitive advantage over less agile designs, and check to see if they are done properly.

5. How visible will our site be to search engines such as Google?


The last thing to be mentioned is the way your site become visible in search engines, especially Google. Besides many tricks and techniques for search engine optimization (SEO), you should focus on the very basics.

website-development-lifecycle-89549_481x230One of them is using a valid standard based code. This method is considered as the simplest but effective way to increase the visibility of your site to Google and other engines.


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