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Typography recently has been an important part of modern graphic design. Good typography with a perfect combination of type selection, colour, size, direction and proportion is always a wish of every designer in every design project. Following are some typography trends expected to dominate the design world in the New Year 2014.

Urge Text


Urge Text is a font family most known with its half – italics characteristic. It looks so gentle with a standard italic form on the top part of the letters and the most sturdy form in the lower part, which was inspired by the Roman style. This font family is strongly recommended by experienced designers because of its versatility, with six weights, normal and condensed widths – each one has its own italic form. Therefore, if you want a multi-functional font that can be used in several typographical circumstances, please don’t miss Urge Text in your design tool.


Nocturno This is an adorable font for stylist texts, especially in fashionable and elegant cases. In the view of many artists and designers, Nocturno is not only a text font but also beautiful calligraphic. The beauty of Nocturno comes from its oblique axis, short ascenders and descenders, tall lowercase letterforms, and most significantly, its medium contrasts. Nocturno charmingly shows the contrast of its slopes, widths, shapes and weights, which make the text noticeable and highly legible.



The German designer Rene Bieder created this font with the aim to link the two fonts: the serif fonts which belong to the past, and the new sans-serif fonts, which belongs to the present. Quadon has received a lot of compliments from designers, such as to be an easy-to-read font; to be so customization with nine different weights that can be used for various design aims, and to be quite modern, light and flexible.

Trend Hand Made




The next font family to be recommended in this list is Trend Hand Made. Designed as a result of long-term research global design trend, Trend Hand Made is expected to be able to capture the aesthetics of the fashionable design. The lovely, colourful and childish design of this font allows us to use it without the need to add anything external.



Voyage is a font family that should be described as classy and decorous. This vintage font is constituted by two weights and ornament sets. Designers are able to create customised headlines thanks for its alternate characters and OpenType features. A voyage font family is a symbol of polite and elegant, and suitable for book covers, headlines, and even advertising.


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