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An Insight into the Technology world.
Analysis and Insight from Savvycom Team.

Nowadays, when the number of sources which information streams in from increases day by day, organizations meet the urgent challenge of gaining insights from new data sources and types, which includes both structured and unstructured sources.

In addition to the growing big data 3vs, the speed at which data is coming in and how fast you need to be able to take advantage of it. In this environment, it is not only access to information but the ability to analyze and act upon this information in a timely manner that creates a competitive advantage for not only software development companies but also other organizations who are using big data in their business.

Once you have decided to give big data 3vs more major role in your business, you need a clearly built infrastructure strategy to help make sure your analytical initiatives are built on a solid foundation. The infographic below includes six best practices that both software consulting companies and other companies can implement to increase your investment return and boost your business to success.


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