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It’s undeniable the importance of etiquette in the business nowadays. It contributes to determining the success or failure of an enterprise. Therefore, in order to offer Savvycomers the essential tools to act professionally in the workplace and communicate effectively with clients, an internal training workshop on business etiquette was held on November 26th, 2015.

The attendees at the workshop included all members from Operations, Finance, Marketing/Sales, and Human Resources departments at Savvycom.

At the training, through a wide range of approaches, we were able to learn basic concepts on cultural differences regarding high-low context, body language, space and organizational structure. Following the aforementioned basic knowledge transfer, training equipped us with general knowledge of effective communication skills that consists of greeting right, small talk and saying goodbye. The workshop was so lively and fun that attracted our enthusiastic participation.

Everyone is paying attention to the workshop
Training workshop on Business Etiquette

In addition, we were asked to play different roles such as the host, client and staff, and then we created a simulated situation where a client approached one person and observed how they reacted. It was a very exciting activity. Through the practice, we also gained a lot of tips on how to utilize our body, hand gesture, eye contact and our smile to show our warmest welcome to clients.

A dozen questions raised during the workshop
Questions raised during the workshop

After the workshop, one of the participants, Son Bui, who is currently working on iOS team, expressed his feelings: “This kind workshop is very applicable and useful. I not only learned new things but also had a very refreshing time. I think now I become more confident to make an effective self-introduction and good small talk.”

Since our people are our greatest asset at Savvycom so that we always facilitate and provide our team with professional development training to help them improve their personal skills so that their career path will be developed in a sustainable way. If you wanna know about our training content, click here.

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