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agilenewera Many companies are embracing Agile Software Development as an effective way to increase business value, enhance productivity and boost employee morale. However, each company has its own challenges when they adopt Agile. Therefore, the question “Are we ready to Agile Development” rises. In term of project management, the answer to that question refers to this following checklist, which includes issues to be considered before starting Agile adoption.

1. Is management’s support available?

In Agile development projects, junior technical staff needs support from both middle and top management. While the former is necessary for every development step, the latter plays its role when roadblocks appear in a development process. If that support is not available, the project is not likely to be successful.

2. Is your team provided with proper training?

It is necessary for your team members, managers, and other ones who also involved in Agile development project to be provided with training courses. The first one to be recommended is the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), conducted by a Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer. Another course is the Certified Scrum Product Owner training that helps product owners to sharpen their skills. Together with official training courses, your Agile team should be encouraged to have further studies in a group. This plan may be conducted before, after and even during courses. The study groups should meet periodically to discuss issues of Agile development. If you skip this method of studying, your team will lose a chance to understand the new practices and may face difficulties when adopting it to a realistic environment.

3. Was your Product Owners trained?

Product owners are those ones who connect the end customers, multi-level managers, and developers. A good product owner must have skills like good communication to customers as well as the development team and stakeholders, ability to maximize ROI, and also awesome performance in practices. Be sure to have well-trained product owners to bring your Agile adoption the big wins. And as mentioned above, the most appropriate course to train product owners is the Certified Scrum Product Owner.

4. Do you have enough space?

It is essential that all of your Agile team members maintain face-to-face communication. If each one of them sits in a separate place and only has virtual meetings, their working efficiency will decrease. Besides, don’t forget to create space that allows informal discussion between them, where they can use boards, chalks and flip charts freely.

5. Have you made the support team on board?

Ok, you trained the team adopting Scrum. And what about the support teams? Do they include database administrator, system administrator, or the configuration manager? Do they update information about the Scrum teams like their constraints and limitations? The advice is to ask specialists from different departments to join the scrum team, as either consultants or full-time members of the team. Read more: What is scrum methodology


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