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Mobile app is a potential area attracting the interest of many companies. Two common operating systems favoured by developers are Android of Google and iOS from Apple. There exists a big difference between these systems.

Programming Language

The Android OS uses Java, which is considered a fun language and used by many developers and suitable for any programming task. In details, Java is easy to learn and use. Moreover, Java enables developers to create modular programs and reusable code, which means object-oriented. Java offers cross-platform capabilities so it is easy for developers to move from one system to another.

The iPhone OS applies Objective-C/ C/ C++, which is regarded as the “correct” language. This language is regarded as high performance, which enables developers to take advantages of the phone’s actual functions, for example, the camera. Moreover, Objective-C shows synchronization among iOS devices. Apps coded with this language can operate on both iPhone and iPad. However, this language is more exclusive and it cannot be scaled to other platforms such as Android or Windows. Objective-C is somehow too difficult for unproficient developers.


Android vs. iOS – a nonstop war

App Development Platform

The development platforms of Android differ far from that of iOS. Android creates open development platforms and enables developers to easily use third-party tools for Android app development market. Thanks to that, many features or functions are added to apps, leading to an impressive range of mobile devices. In contrast, Apple’s operating system builds a restrictive wall against non-Apple tools. The developers can use only a fixed set of tools in their developer guidelines while other tools are unacceptable. This becomes an obstacle for the creativeness of developers.

Multitasking Abilities

The Android OS is very versatile and can help developers create dynamic apps for multiple purposes. But this very multitasking ability of the Android OS very often creates problems for the amateur Android developer since it takes a lot of time to learn, understand and master. This, combined with Android’s highly fragmented platform, poses a real challenge to the Android developer. In contrast, Apple presents a more stable, exclusive platform for app developers, clearly specifying tools, defining both their potential and boundaries. This makes it much easier for the iOS developer to proceed with the task ahead of him.

Mobile App Testing and Payment

In terms of app testing and approval, Android beats Apple. With Android, developers have an excellent testing environment. Developers can test the apps thoroughly and debug wherever required because all the testing tools available are neatly indexed and the IDE offers a good model of the source code. In respect of payment procedure, the annual fee for an iOS developer is $99 and he can earn 70% of the turnover. Meanwhile, Android developers have to pay $25 per year with the same ratio of profits as iOS and they are freedom to sell them on other app markets.


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