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1. The idea


Turn your idea into reality

Your idea is brilliant! However, your competitors are already out there. Then working on deep research on what’s available in the market and the preferences of your target audience would definitely be useful. From here, you will start to pick up the wisest options, think out of the box and build a detailed plan for your own.

Finally, don’t forget to brainstorm on how to make money from the app and think about product distribution channels. This will keep you stick with a long-term, comprehensive and efficient strategy.

2. Document your idea

This is the step when you visualize your app and turn it into a sketch. It does 2 things:

– It makes you more confident and passionate about your product.

– In most cases, you do not have the capability to design and develop the app by yourself. So you will have to transfer your entire idea in the clearest and most accurate way so that designers and developers can do these jobs for you. However, remember to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before you send your idea to anyone to protect your intellectual property.

When it comes to mobile and web apps, there are usually the following required main documents:

– An overview of your app which describes the main idea, the strong functions, target users, potential platform, and so on.

– Screen flow: the chart that describes the orders of the screens or pages.


Screen flow

– Mockup: it’s called a mockup because it imitates the screens, describes elements of the screen visually, including the layout of the screens and how information and details are arranged.


3. Develop your idea

Having said before, you can hire a designer and a software developer to build your app. But it might be tricky to find the ones that are matched with your skill and taste preference, as well as your budget and trust.

When you contact them, my experience is that you will choose the one that is most trustworthy and can give you adequate advice to improve and complete your ideas.

4. Start and never stop marketing and selling

The execution of this phase is after the app is completed. But the complete and detailed plan should be done right at Step 1.


Mobile App Marketing

Among hundreds of ways to market and sell your apps, using social networks can be quite an effective and economical way. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Facebook: Having a Facebook Page for your app and use their Promotion, this will definitely spread out and let more people know about your app.
  • Other social networks such as Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, etc. can also be very effective.
  • Share the information about your app in some related forum where potential users can get useful information
  • Writing articles: Get some app review website write about your app, with these articles, your app will get credit. If you know some famous blogger, you can ask them to write a review of your app. This will be a good channel to spread our the image for your app
  • You may want to do a few SEO to promote your app

Always bear in mind this: You have to be persistent and keep trying different ways until you find the right answer. Like T. Edison said, ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ This sounds like a cliché, the myth of being persistent when it comes to business. But it is the fact that all successful entrepreneurs admit.


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