Apps for Enterprise: A potential market

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Sooner or later, social networks on mobile devices will become an important and essential tool for both personal and business life.

IBM’s recent survey of 2000 technology expert from 87 countries showed that, development of enterprise application for smartphones (iPhone, Android OS phones), tablets (iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook) will knocked down all kinds of existing business software in 2015. Read more: enterprise software product development

There are several motivations for the development of mobile enterprise applications. The mobile devices are getting more and more powerful, thus, application development for them has been much easier.


Enterprise applications

According to Gartner’s research, mobile applications for enterprises sold in online application stores in 2010 ranked the 5th position in profit, after game, shopping, social network and utilities. However, the market of mobile application for enterprises is still making its first steps and keep huge paces in security, CRM, or ERM in the near future.

In fact, this is the result of specific and practical demands, when instantaneously updated information becomes one of the key elements for success.

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Apps for Enterprise: A potential market at: January 8th, 2018 by admin