Savvycom Annual Meeting 2014: Keep adapting, keep moving!


Savvycom General Annual Meeting 2014, which was held on 18 January 2014, is a moment for all company’s leaders and employees to review our attempts and achievements through the last year 2013.

Overcoming Downturn, Getting Significant Development

2013 is a rough period of Vietnamese economy. Many enterprises had to reduce investment or suffer from suspension of their business. In spite of the downturn and many difficulties that we have faced, Savvycom keep being a prestigious company in Vietnamese IT business. We understand that, challenges help us improve our adaptability, become more active and confident in the intensively competing market.

Expanding Footprint in US and Upcoming Office in Australia

An evidence of Savvycom’s development in 2013 is our new office in Silicon Valley on October 16, 2013. This is not only the very first international office, but also an important milestone of Savvycom’s five-year period of establishment and development. After 4 months working, the US office has performed well in communicating and supporting to Savvycom’s US clients. Our new-year plan is to establish another office in Australia to cover most of Pacific Asian business.

Awards for Employees of the Year

Savvycom always appreciates every contribution of every employee. Standing out as a intelligent leader of Mobile team and a hard-working employee, Mr. Tue Nguyen was the owner of LIVE award ( Award of Leadership + Initiative & Value-Added Enterprise) this year. His enthusiasm encourages all team members to complete tasks well. Besides, Mr. Kien Truong and Mr.Trung Vuong received the Extra Miles Award for their great contribution in many important projects last year, such as FAP, Biztag, LOCFOOD, Payback, etc. They totally deserve this award because of their impressive performance which was proved with professional skills and ability to solve tough problems brilliantly. DSC_24229

Savvycom Family

To sum up, the year 2013 ends up with considerable achievements and endless effort of Savvycom Team . Now let’s welcome the new year also a new beginning, full of great things that awaits ahead !

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Savvycom’s Staff participates in Routine Health Check 2013


Periodic Health Examination – this is an annual activity which is conducted for all contractual and permanent Savvycom’s employees with the main purpose is to identify health risks and educational materials and referrals to improve their health. This is also to make sure that all staff members at Savvycom can enjoy good mental and physical health in work. This year, the Routine Health Check is conducted in mid of October by Savvycom JSC in co-operation with Thu Cuc International General Hospital located at Thuy Khue St, Hanoi city.
It includes a comprehensive review of medical history; lifestyle assessment; review of current health status; physical examination and an extensive range of screening tests. Following the evaluation, each employee will meet with a physician for a personal consultation who will discuss the results provide recommendations, coordinate follow up care and expert opinions if they required. This event is held very successfully with the presense of the whole company. All Savvycom members are really excited in this periodic health check through some of them felt a little bit nervous before getting the result tests. “I just want to say thanks to Savvycom JSC for this activity. The periodic checkup tells us what we are doing wrong with our bodies. So it is much more than just a simple series of clinical tests; it is a rare opportunity for you to learn more about your own body and gain the inspiration to improve your health and quality of life”, said by Mr Minh, COO of Savvycom.

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Savvycom Expands Footprint in US

Savvycom, a software outsourcing company, continues its winning streak and shows no signs of slowing down. To support this tremendous growth, Savvycom is pleased to announce a major expansion in the US by growing its presence through a brand new office in Silicon Valley on October 16, 2013.
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Heading up the US office for Savvycom is Ms. Trang Nguyen, a customer relationship veteran. Trang will oversee marketing, sales and project management work. Our Q2 2013 revenue grew by more than 100% compared to the same time last year and the growth for Savvycom in California is coming from Mobile App and Web Development services. “This new office is the latest expansion of our international footprint.
We continue to strengthen our presence in US to accelerate our service delivery and support excellence to our clients. We look forward to offering full range of services to our SMBs and startups as well as the opportunity to demonstrate our continued commitment as an IT solution provider” said Ms. Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom. Savvycom is looking for long-term business relationship. If you’re interested in cooperating with us, please CONTACT US right now !!! For further information of Savvycom in the past year, check it HERE!
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  • Phone: +84 24 3202 9222
  • Hotline: +1 408 663 8600 (US); +612 8006 1349 (AUS); +84 32 675 2886 (VN)
  • Email: [email protected]

Ms. Van Dang, Savvycom CEO to Be Awarded MWEC 1st Prize in 2013

On May 10th 2013, Ms. Van Dang, CEO of Savvycom was honorably rewarded the prize “Mekong Women’s Entrepreneurship Challenge Vietnam” (MWEC) by Mr. Vu Tien Loc – VCCI director and Ms. Victoria Kwakwa – World Bank director. By winning the event, Ms. Van Dang has now become an official member of Global Forum on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Savvycom Sponsoring ICP Contest 2013

International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM/ICPC) has always been a globally well-known and reputable programming contest since 1970. It was first adopted in Vietnam by Post of Telecommunications Institute of Technology (PTIT) in 2010 and now has become an annual event. The rules and regulations of the

Savvycom in 2012 – Growth, Success and more over

Known as experts for mobile application development, Savvycom has successfully established outstanding applications for clients over the world. As a result, 25 apps have been released on App Store and Google Play, satisfying demands of smartphone users’ community in terms of Education, Healthcare iPhone app development, Business, Travel, EBook, Game, and Utilities.

Savvycom JSC has officially achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification

Savvycom JSC was officially certified to Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008 by GIC – Guardian Independent Certification– United Kingdom, one of the foremost certification organizations. Recognized at the global scale, Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008 refers to the commitment of Savvycom towards IT product and service quality.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Savvycom

On this special Holiday, Savvycom would like to send our most sincere thank-you note to all of You for always being there with us through thick and thin. We hope that Christmas and the coming year will bring to You a new journey full of success, joy and luck.

Commonly seen mistakes when outsourcing

Even though outsourcing is an ideal plan in many situations, mistakes happen easily. And once mistakes are caused, they may cost a fortune to fix. Here are several mistakes that an outsourcing relationship may make.

Savvycom Summer Meeting 2012 – Esprit de corps

With “Esprit de corps” as the theme, Savvycom Summer Meeting 2012 was hold to honor the role of teamwork in our work efficiency.

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