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Hiring a back end web developer to expand your capabilities on the world wide web can provide a more unique presence tailored to your needs. Outsourcing an expert back end web developer could be the ticket. Sure, there are many out of the box solutions that you might consider. However, in a world of copy paste, monkey sees monkey do websites, a totally new experience could enhance your chances of success.

When the internet was relatively new, websites were made by hand-coding HTML and similar languages. You pretty much had to know what you were doing. It was several years before services like Angelfire and Geocities became available. Any company wanting to build a presence on the internet had to hire savvy (no pun intended) developers with expertise that was learned through hours of studying and trial and error late-night programming attempts.

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After a while, there were many applications built to make it easier for the normal person to create content and share it on the internet. Besides the examples already mentioned, CMS apps like WordPress and Joomla were created to make it so that anyone could start their own website on their own host. This had positive and negative effects, some intended, some not.

Script Kiddies

Back in the day, (yes I said that), hackers created tons of scripts that could be used by either tricking victims into downloading it or direct injection by the user. Viruses meant to steal information could be loaded via the 1.44-inch floppy drive. On network aware machines, often times the virus had hidden code meant to send the stolen information back to the original creators’ storage location of choice. So you get what you wanted, but at what cost? Any information the junior hacker thought he had that was worth something is now worthless because the other guy has it too. The point is that creating your own code gives you peace of mind. No one will have scripts ready to demolish your pitiful WordPress security, because you have a totally unique data structure that has never had scripts written for it.

Not everyone has the time to become a programmer, however. You might already have a great idea for a website or mobile app, but you aren’t a backend web developer and don’t want to be. What to do?

In house or Outsourcing software development to a company like Savvycom?

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Of course, Savvycom being a software outsourcing cooperative, we almost always recommend letting professionals such as ourselves handle the dirty work for you. We have a team of backend web developers with extensive combined experience, so we are confident we can help you. But is hiring an outsourcing company right for you? If you were to hire your own employee, you’d have to deal with a host of complications and expenses that wouldn’t be of any concern if you outsourced. The only occasion we recommend using your own employee is if you know and trust them and they have years of verifiable track record. Your project is small and you don’t require any promise to follow up or updates. We are fairly confident that in any case, teamwork is always better. You can pay for all of the expenses associated with an employee, or you can spend the same amount and receive the care and attention of an entire team of dedicated backend developers.

If you are skilled in basic web design and creating apps already, this could enhance your ability to showcase your front end offerings faster. While you work on front end interface ideas and infrastructure, Savvycom has your back on back end support. We can work with you and your team to create the perfect solution. If, however, you desire full-stack service and support, we can help you with that as well. Whatever you desire, front end user friendliness and usability are deeply integrated with back end technologies, so you will have to decide if it is in your best interest to do half of your work in house or to let a team of professionals who are passionate about their work take care of the whole thing for you!

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How back-end will support front-end development

It is the writer’s personal opinion that trust is the number one issue when considering who to handle your entire investments basic functionality. Savvycom has a long track record of satisfied customers. We’ve seen plenty of good looking apps that didn’t function correctly. A pretty front end doesn’t help if the website or app crashes every time someone wants to use it. Front end stability, compatibility, and versatility are all achieved through patience and understanding of the task given and the needs stated.

Outsourcing a backend developer allows you to focus on that pretty front end (which we can help you with as well!) without worrying about failure right off the bat, or worse, a glitch unseen until a customer finds it while trying to make a transaction! Even huge teams of developers can miss small details. Just look at major games like World of Warcraft. The Corrupted Blood incident was a lesson for them and programmers around the world. Savvycom has a moderately sized team that is neither too small or big, allowing free-flowing communication in a comfortable environment. We believe that team happiness is absolutely vital to end productiveness.

So, if you would rather not wait because you have a million-dollar idea, or perhaps you have been on the fence about leaping into a project where you have to deal with every gruesome detail of app development, you might want to look into outsourcing backend web development… hopefully with Savvycom!

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