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Odyssey is an entertainment company established in Korea, aiming at discovering talented rookies and growing them into global phenomena. It is a company established from the Korean Production team that have made a huge success with Galaxy Star 2017 – a show once achieving the highest viewing rate on Myanmar TV. 

On the journey to pursue such a vision, Odyssey commits to sponsor top-notch audition opportunities as well as provide a star-making platform for talents all over the world.

With the mindset of “think globally, act glocally”, Odyssey looks at the largest stage for young talents without compromising their distinct skin colors. Odyssey believes that the success of one individual shall not be oppressed by their race and nationality, instead, they are the embodiment of their

This time, as an extra step into actualizing their goals, Odyssey produces “Battle of Dreams” (BoD) – a TV audition show aired on Sep 15, 2019, on Channel 7 (the biggest TV network in Thailand). The TV show ends with a grand finale on Dec 23, 2019, having broadcast 15 episodes each Sunday.

In BoD, 120 candidates (called “Talents”) shortlisted from the national round will battle against each other, showing off their rap, dance, and vocal skills to become a finalist and member of either a 5 headed boy band or girl group. In each round, Talents will be eliminated until the grand finale.

There will be no judges, only public voting will decide which of the talents advances to the next round. Therefore, Odyssey wishes to design an app that acts as a voting gate in order to assist the voting process.


Don’t settle for only a normal functionality, Odyssey – in collaboration with Savvycom – has created a 360-interactive app that not only serves the voting purpose but also gives every impression of a quality social network between show viewers and their favorite Talents.

The app will be supplemented to the TV-screened show, as a means to assist the voting process and spread the popularity of the show. The app leaves space for Talents to practice “throbbing” audiences’ hearts via the sharing of their daily life, giving viewers a deeper, practical look into the Talents – a necessary step to help them sort out who deserves the crown the most, given the situation that audiences are the powerhouses that decide the results from soup to nuts. The application is also convenient for maximizing Sponsors’ benefit by utilizing a part of it into a branding platform. 


The app provides 3 major pillars: Entertainment, Promotional events, and Voting. Each of those contents plays a crucial role in building up the TV-screened show, guaranteeing the rocketing number of users thanks to the excellent experience and influence of the app. 

The entertainment pillar will be shown in the feed listview format with mixed content types, covering:

  • Daily moments of Talents.
  • Events held by BoD.
  • Videos from the show.
  • Talents’ profiles, filled with detailed information in all formats: text, image, video, gifs,…
  • A dashboard and report of actual ranking and voting results.

The feed is dynamically pulled and sorted by time of submission, added with editorial cards that are shown in ranked positions, e.g. TV show notifications on position #1 or Sponsored content on position #3, in order to help users get informed about the results.

Users can also interact with the Talents by liking or commenting under the feed card. While experiencing the feed, the cards will scroll through with stunning UI that captures attention, while informing all necessary information such as time of content posting, clickable avatar and image, users’ names, number of likes and shares,… in a concise and succinct manner. The comment box is also optimized for only 2 most recent comments – the older comments will pop out when users click on “See more”, which are then opened in a separate page to centralize users’ attention.

The app opens a Voting functionality for users to vote for their favorite Talents. The convenient point here is that the application for BoD will be able to combine all voting results from 2 methods: offline SMS voting and direct voting on the app itself. From here, the smart algorithm of the app will do the calculation and export the actual ranking of Talents. This process eliminates the interference of humans in the voting processes, canceling the possibility of result manipulation as well as saving human resources for more meaningful tasks. The results counted by the app will be published to all viewers to guarantee the fairness of the competition.


BoD is built on both iOS (version 9.0 to 13.0+) and Android (version 5.0 to 11.0), ensuring complete convenience and efficiency across platforms. The combination of NodeJS and MySQL also offers quick processing, proven reliability, ease, and flexibility of use.

The interface is designed in the simulation of Instagram which gives out a sense of familiarity, making the app friendly-of-use while still representing Odyssey and Battle of Dream to their core: stylish, trendy, disruptive, with a touch of fiery. The simplistic layout ensures ease of navigation for users. Every element of the design is carefully brought together, giving users the impression that they’re actually wandering into the world of their favorite Talents. The boundaries between a TV show and viewers’ real-life has never felt so blurry.


“Savvycom has gone beyond the traditional concept about vendors. We were not contractors – we were true partners for excellence. It’s really been a wonderful experience to me and my company!”

– Odyssey CEO

Savvycom highly values the power of effective communication. To deliver a quality final product, our team maintained constant communication with our client via online pitching and discussing, back and forth emailing throughout the course of the project, mutual exchange of ideas, regular use updates on work progress – all for the purpose of understanding and fulfilling our client’s requirements.


  • Content publishing: The content on BoD can only be published by “Special Users”, who are Talents, sponsors, and moderators, so that the content is well managed and can maintain a certain level of quality and consistency. 
  • Advertisement banner: Just like any other social platform, BoD designs distinctive spaces for Sponsors to showcase their products and services.
  • Talents screen: A scrollable board of 120 Talents from the show. The Talents are alphabetically and dynamically sorted by their “Ranking” – which is associated with the Voting functionality. The eliminated ones will have a distinct representation on the list to help users update their status in no time.
  • Video screen: All the videos cut or recorded from the TV show will be stored in the app. Users would have full access to rewatch the stunning stages of their favorite Talents.
  • Online voting: BoD app has a gate for all users to vote for anyone they deem deserve. In case viewers vote via SMS, the app would sync all data and automatically combine the results collected from both methods to produce the final ranking for the Talents.

At the heart of this connecting world, Savvycom is racing against time and innovation to deliver world-beating technological solutions to our valued clients. With our 10+ years of tech expertise, the endorsements from 100+ clients of 4 continents around the world, and multiple successful partnerships with reputable global firms such as Apple, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and IBM, we make serving our clients with the best services a promise.

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