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Using the same settings, the same platform as Siri, nevertheless reading speed and responding ability of Google Search are slightly better than Apple’s similar app.

With the recent update of Google Search on iOS, Google has provided users with a new feature – Voice Search for Apple devices. This makes Google Search become one of the strongest competitor of Siri – the well-known search engine as well as intelligent communicating app at the moment. However, Google – a permanent opponent of Apple, takes everyone aback by showing how fast and smoothly its app can run though Google Search doesn’t have home advantage on iOS platform.

According to Gizmodo, a test between 2 products on iPhone is conducted and the result shows that the searching speed and responds from Google product are faster and more correctly. Furthermore, Google Search doesn’t require any “click” to view search results. About the accuracy in analyzing sound, both 2 apps perform equally high quality.


However, a drawback of Google Search is that it doesn’t allow users to access to personal data on iPhone devices; therefore, users can’t use voice command to send messages and search contacts like Siri acts. Hopefully there’ll be some new improvements for the next version of Google Voice Search in near future.

To sum up, based on the review of users, Google Search is still highly recommended for its splendid performance as a guest on iOS platform.


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Abel Mullen 07:26 11/08/2014 Google voice search is a helpful tool on IOS. Not powerful like Siri ( on Iphone) or Alexa ( on Amazon).
Take your Ios, search and ask Google voice search to do it for you.
Great, right?
Allyson 07:14 28/06/2014 Though google voice search is good feature, but I preferred to use manual search.
Because my English pronunciation skill is not good enough for google voice to do as I want.
Longbottom Nice 03:09 16/06/2014 It's really a nice and helpful piece of information. I¯m satisfied that you just shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.