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An Insight into the Technology world.
Analysis and Insight from Savvycom Team.

The iPhone revolution brought by Apple immediately became part of the equation right after its launch. Now with iPhone 5 rumours just around the corner, App developers have their hands full with requirements by different marketers and brands for innovative apps.

Huge brands noticed what iPhone applications if developed wisely can bring along with them and they immediately started leverage out it. The Apple App store that currently holds more than 300,000 apps and more than millions of users can prove to be a huge asset for a brand.

Branded applications contrary to any customary advertising methods which normally convert a message into entertainment, can promote a brand or service while at the same time connects with the targeted audience. The main element that involves launching a successful iPhone application in the online space is finding your “community of shared interests” and then offering them something that they want.

Social Media: Are Your Social Conversations Delivering Value
Social Media: Are Your Social Conversations Delivering Value

How can you find the “community of shared interests”? That’s where social media comes in. Social media tools make it easy for brands to get in touch and communicate with their consumers.

How Can Your Brand Be Prominent?

Social media tools make it easy for the brands to make their profile prominent amongst the best-known brands in the world. By investing a little time and originality, a brand can make itself stand out from the sea of faces that is out there. These days, anyone can be an authority, should you choose to be one. But not many people actually put in the effort to develop their brands and create valuable content for their community — which is great news for everybody that does!

What do they actually do?

Brands like Heineken never waste a single opportunity to create applications for their brands that integrate Facebook and iPhone. They use Holiday season, different events and offer deals to their users and most of all, they make sure to bring their product directly to their consumer’s handset.


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