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Over the past few years, along with the appearance of social networks like Twitter, My Space or Friendster… the phrase “social game” also becomes known. However, not until Facebook appeared that social game got recognizable. Some social games like Cityville, Farmville or Mafia Wars have been driving Facebook users to go wild.

Cityville, Social game, online player, online game
Cityville, social game for user online.

Key to the success of social games (SNS)

This key may surprise you because it is made of the same formula that brought success to online games in the past. Offline game users were attracted to online games as they were enabled to enter a multiplayer system, which allowed thousands of people to play in the same environment. Now, the same is used for SNS.


Players do not have to be skilful to play social games. Everyone, from students to housewives or workers can play them without much effort. Unlike ordinary online games, social games are built based on society, so one does not have to dig deep for further information about this kind of game, but they still play well. All one has to do is to have a social network account, play the game and connect with their friends and play together.

Experts’ view

Expert’s view on social game is optimistic. In fact, for a few years, there was a saying going around that social game will replace game online to become the leader of the game industry. However, at that time, online games were in their glory day with so many famous names, and social games were still new so only a few successes could be too soon to conclude anything. This situation seems to have improved these recent years when the success of social games is getting bigger and bigger and online gamers are having difficulties finding something excellent like the astonishing World of Warcraft or Lineage II in the past.

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