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Cloud computing has become more and more popular day by day. The advantages it offers are so extreme that many businesses have been busy moving to the cloud lately. If you’re also considering moving your business to the cloud, there are several things you’ll need to take into account.

Advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing


Cost reduction

When moving all data to the cloud, you can reduce a significant amount of paperwork. You won’t need to invest a whole lot amount of money in hardware or resources to manage and update them. The number of IT staff required will be reduced as well.

Ease of access

Data stored can easily be accessed from anywhere, anytime, by anyone (with your permission of course). When employees stay in distant places, collaboration should not be a big deal.


Do your employees have trouble with compatibility between Macs and other PCs? Well no more worrying, because most cloud apps work well with both.

Cloud computing pros cons
Cloud computing pros cons



Cloud computing depends much on your internet connection. Without it, your work will be postponed, and other consequences may go out of control. Make sure you have stable access before starting with the cloud.


…Or security issue. It’s not easy to know how your information on the cloud will be used, or how the risk of data loss can affect your business. And people are also worried about what would happen with their data if they cancel the service?

So everything is not what it seems. Anything you do can be a ‘double-edged sword’ that may cost you even more than you can gain. The same applies to cloud computing. The list above contains only several main points of cloud computing. Before moving everything to the cloud, make sure you conduct some deep researches to see whether it suits your business or not.

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