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Savvycom JSC is pleased to announce the release of Ratechex Mobile, a convenient and easy-to-use tool to combine the best travel deals. Ratechex Mobile provides a rich traveling information kit (including hotels details, amenities, rating, photos, hot deals and reviews) that is optimized by highly-customized filtering mode.

Ratechex Mobile currently covers 40,000+ destinations all over the world, 260,000+ hotel deals and promotions, and 4,500,000+ trustworthy reviews. The app can narrow down the search results by your customized needs; smartly sort them by intended field (popular, price, rating, star, deal, or distance); and help you to find your best deals and destination.

While traveling around, Ratechex Mobile also provides a great support by routing the shortest way from your current location to the destination you pick. Never get lost; save a lot of your valuable traveling time; and wow, you don’t need a computer on the go anymore.

Savvycom JSC have designed and built RateChex Mobile with the aim of providing extreme user-friendly interface and covering the important functions. The app delivers an ease of use in your journey of searching your best options without your actual traveling experience, and once you reach the decision, share it with your friends and family via Email, Facebook, and Twitter so that they can also benefit in their future trips like you now.

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