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Thanks to E-commerce, a lot of e-retailers have emerged and people now can buy and sell things just by a click anytime and anywhere. Nevertheless, not all of the selling online websites could attract or satisfy customers.

It is undeniable that a good E-commerce site is the first thing retailers need to think about when they want to increase online sales as well as customer satisfaction. For a better-designed website, in this article, a deeper insight into 5 common mistakes in E-commerce web design will be provided.

1. Information

Both the information shortage and information surplus can make customers confused.infoask

On the one hand, product information is particularly important for potential customers. People wander on your site and find something they like inadequate specific product information may cause them to buy from other sites.

On the other hand, giving your visitors too much information at once may distract them. They will not be able to know what your most important products are and hesitate to make purchase decisions.

2. Requiring an account to order

Some E-commerce sites force people to sign up an account if they want to conduct transactions. It is not a good idea because people who do not want will be annoyed and turn their backs on you. In case your product is not unique, there are always competitors offering a superior user experience.

3. An inadequate site search engine search

The search engine is for those who know exactly what they are seeking. That a large number of results come up may be nice unless half of them or more do not match with seekers’ expectation, which is truly an inconvenience.

4. A poor shopping cart design

Buyers will feel uncomfortable if after adding an item to their cart, they are forced to leave the page they’re on or they can’t edit the quantities of items in their cart as well as remove an item from their cart. In addition, previewing the shipping rates information is an inevitable function.

5. A long checkout process

A lot of websites ask customers too many questions when they check out for marketing purposes. However, checkout or payment time is not a good time to ask such questions. The ability to complete the order fast and easily is one of the benefits of online shopping. Thus, it is not supposed to take users ages to finish the transaction. Bear in mind that the longer it takes, the more chances you give the customer to change his mind.

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