• IT Outsourcing to Vietnam in 2019, Opportunity or Challenge?

    Issue 01-2019

    India and China have been two most well-known hotspots for any foreign technology company to get outsourcing IT support. Besides, Vietnam has managed to catch up and draw comparative numbers of businesses’ attention looking to their needs in recent years.

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  • Growing your business in 2019: Trendy Tech platforms to consider

    Issue 12-2018

    Technological development is essential for a long-run business growth. Let's find out which platforms to consider on the way to your achieve your business objectives in 2019?

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  • A shortcut to expand your business

    Issue 11-2018

    To be successful in our business, we need to be continually innovating and looking for opportunities to grow. Business is a combination of different development of application that support our business in strategic development, and networking opportunities.

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  • Savvycom listed as #6 Leading B2B Companies in Asia 2018 on Clutch

    Issue 10-2018

    On October 24th, Savvycom officially listed itself on Clutch’s Leading B2B Companies in Asia 2018. Savvycom is truly honoured to be announced as top 6 competitors among 27 B2B service providers in Vietnam. After nearly 10 years of development, Savvycom has been constantly pursuing the global aim in the software and technology industry.

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  • Savvycom listed in Vietnam's 50 Leading IT Company 2018

    Issue 09-2018

    In 2014, Savvycom was honoured for the first time in the Top 30 Software development companies in the line of BPO, ITO and KPO. This September, Savvycom has made its second appearance on the list due to the impressive growth and significant achievements.

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  • Future of AI in Healthcare

    Issue 08-2018

    Future of AI in healthcare is looking increasingly bright. AI can provide more personalized and appropriate services to individuals. That means computers and robots will play an important role in diagnosis and treatment.

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  • The key to sustainability

    Issue 07-2018

    Business sustainability is all about how a company manages its triple bottom lines - from financial to social and environmental risk. Together with the changes come advancements, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) seems to be the advancement that businesses need.

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  • The honour is ours

    Issue 06-2018

    In recent days we have been continuing to meet VIPs such as Sir Peter Cosgrove, General Governor of Australia and Mrs Cherie Blair, wife of Mr Tony Blair the former British Prime Minister, we are proud of our accomplishments as well as our commitment to sustainable development and community support in the future.

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  • The Power of Machine Learning & AI

    Issue 05-2018

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence advances in five areas will ease data prep, discovery, analysis, prediction, and data-driven decision making. For 10 years the prevailing trend in business intelligence (BI) and analytics has been the move toward self service. That’s about to change.

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  • Savvycom Launches New AI LAB!

    Issue 01-2018

    Clients rotate to the new, they demand both innovative solutions for their toughest challenges and the technical know-how to effectively deliver those solutions. That’s the idea behind our AI Lab – where our experts and engineers obtained PhD degree in AI and data analysts from top university in US, Europe... in Vietnam, can research and apply AI technologies as well as focus on prototyping AI applications for client problems across various industries.

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  • Vietnam In The Future of ICT

    Issue 12-2017

    The outlook for Vietnam’s information and communication technology (ICT) market is strong at an average growth rate of eight per cent during 2016-2020. The ICT industry (especially software and services) is expected to grow tremendously as Vietnam has emerged as a production centre for both IT software and services. Companies operating in the Vietnamese ICT market can enjoy support measures from the government such as tax incentives and simplified administration procedures. With new hi-tech park

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  • The Evolving Landscape of Offshore Mobile App Development

    Issue 09-2017

    It’s undeniable that digital devices take an indispensable part in our modern world, penetrating all the aspects of life, business is not an exception. Following this digitalization trend, more and more forward-thinking entrepreneurs are taking advantage of ...

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  • Vietnam - A Potential Destination For Outsourcing

    Issue 06-2017

    With the help of technology, it is no doubt to say the century for tech start-ups and enterprises has begun. Nothing can compare how incredible it is at the early stage of startups when all your vision and ideas come into the light, and your dreams are appearing in front of your eyes.

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  • Tech Trends Businesses Can Expect 2017

    Issue 03-2017

    The world of business and technology is ever on the move. Businesses that do not change with the time invariably face obsolescence. Here are the top five developments small businesses can expect to impact their business, in 2017. Read more here!

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  • The Impacts of Emerging Tech Trends

    Issue 01-2016

    The Year 2015 saw the prosperity of many tech trends. Some of them are particularly dominant and their impacts on business are becoming more and more significant. Let's listen to Savvycom COO, Mr Minh Nguyen's sharings and opinions on this issue

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  • Savvycom Insight - Issue 04/2015 - Big Data, Big Impact

    Issue 04-2015

    Big data is an open door. Your business does not have to be big to earn benefits from big data. Many companies have been applying big data to optimize their business operation efficiency and gain more customer insights for profound decisions. It‘s easy to get into a traffic jam with big data, however you can avoid that headache by following this route, mark it on your map these destinations: "know your problems", "do self-assessment" and "build your force"

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  • Cloud Computing and Offshore Development

    Issue 03-2015

    Let’s say you are preparing for a vacation in another places, but sadly you have work to do. Therefore, you need to spend hours at company on transferring data from company’s desktop to your own laptop that and then take it on vacation. Things change now. You will no longer need to go on vacation with a laptop with the Cloud computing .In simple term, cloud computing acts as a type of computing that stores and accesses data and program over the Internet.

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  • Savvycom Insight - Issue 02/2015 - Light Up Your Ideas With Us!

    Issue 02-2015

    One of the biggest challenges of a growing company is determining the best way to effectively manage burgeoning tasks. But, what happens when everyone is too stretched to do their primary job to the best of their ability? What happens when growth occurs and how can you make the best, most cost-effective decisions for your company as you head in an upward direction? That’s when the question arises: "Should we outsource or hire in-house for some of the tasks at hand?"

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  • Savvycom 5 years in Review - The Journey We Enjoy

    Issue 01-2015

    Over 5 years, Savvycom has shown excellent performance and incessantly efforts in order to deliver world-class, top-selling IT solutions adding to global value chain. Savvycom has proved its reputation, market influence, trust, brand awareness, and sustainable growth in customers’ mind and we are committed to make the best use of our capacities and code of ethics to bring innovation and creativity to the society.

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  • Accelerate Business Transformation with SMAC

    Issue 04-2014

    Today, the whole world of Social media is readily accessible through mobile devices. At the same time, analytics and cloud computing are changing how businesses of all types and sizes cloud computing are changing how businesses of all types and sizes that providing services as well as to learn more about customers. Social Media, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud (SMAC) are acting together to enable a new generation of tech trends, far surpassing today’s technology in terms not only of scale...

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  • Why Simplicity becomes so dominant in Web & Mobile design?

    Issue 03-2014

    If there is one thing that is making a big comeback for websites and interactive media in 2014, it is Simplicity ! If you’re in the process of creating a new web design, you’re probably aware of the one thing there’s never a shortage of – ideas of what should go on the website. And right there is one of the biggest problems with web design: keeping things simple. Content is the centerpiece of good design. But too much of it leads to clutter!

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  • From Agile Modeling To Successful Development Team

    Issue 02-2014

    Agile Modeling is a practice-based methodology for effective modeling and documentation of software-based systems. It enables developers to develop a customized software development process that actually meets their current development needs and is flexible enough to adjust in the future. Communication is a key component to any successful project. Open communication between stakeholder and the development team is essential when developing new applications or maintaining legacy systems.

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  • Enlighten Your Journey With Creative Web & Mobile Applications

    Issue 01-2014

    It's often difficult to keep up with the rapidly developing technology industry, as new items and groundbreaking technologies are introduced to the market almost on a daily basis. Not only staying up-to-date with today's technology, but also remaining ahead of the curve, involves a constant struggle in today's marketplace. Savvycom Newsletter 01/2014 - An insider's look at the latest trends on Mobile & Web app development

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  • Go Agile and reap the Benefits !

    Issue 04-2013

    Believing that IT has contributed significant effect on all businesses' success, the information in this newsletter may give you some good ideas on how Startups could utilize Agile models properly in such era of Technology. It is easier to make changes on the go and identify errors at early stages of the development process !

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  • Be the first mover in Mobile Apps and Web Design

    Issue No. 3/2013

    The design trends in 2013 have changed quite significantly. A key reason is the variety of mobile devices, having flourished from the fierce competition of smart phone manufacturers. The latest design trends have been updated and widely used by app developers. Additionally, 2013 also marked the appearance of a new programming language called "Ruby on Rails" which brings many benefits for start-ups when building sites with simultaneously offering improved performance and faster development time.

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  • Making the Best Use of Mobile Apps & Web Apps

    Issue No. 2/2013

    Tablets and smartphones have been dramatically changing the way that people absorb information and products online. About nearly 40% of our daily media interactions happen on mobile devices, which opens extremely promising business. Many enthusiastic entrepreneurs have been quickly responsive to this trend and had great contribution in this potential IT path. Don't wait to long to be the last mover in the mobile market: The better you prepared, the finer achievements will be.

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  • Savvycom Annual Meeting 2012 with ISO 9001:2008 Certification

    Issue No. 1/2013

    The main theme for Savvycom Annual Meeting 2012 organized in February 2013 was the Certification of the Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008. In this important event, Savvycom JSC officially received the certification f Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2008 by GIC United Kingdom, one of the foremost certification organizations in the globe.

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