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Swift – the complete new programing language was released in the Worldwide Developer Conference 2014 ( WWDC 2014) was the big event for developers. Swift, in the short term, is designed to satisfy coders’ needs. It is equipped with faster and easier product development that helps developers bring better values to the end-customers.

Linkedin, Getty Images and Duolingo recently have used Swift for their cool apps and the iOS developers provided positive feedbacks. A survey revealed that 25,000 developers on Stack Overflow (a website for coders) voted Swift as their most favourite programing language.

Swift has brought great benefits to developer community.
Swift has brought great benefits to the developer community.

Smart programing language

Swift is a smart programing language which can solve developer issues such as slow coding and software bugs. ( Read more: Top 7 In-Demand Programming Languages )

Before Swift, the only choice of programing language for iOS developers was Objective C, which was born in 1980. More than 30 years later, there are complaints about this old-fashioned language. The introduction of Swift has aroused rapturous reaction among developers for its faster processing, advanced error handling modules and syntax improvements. Besides this, with Swift, iOS development can be done from any OS/Platforms and developers can create their own tools for iOS app development. Better yet, it is possible to use Objective C codes inside Swift.

An experiment conducted by a group of developers revealed that applications written with Swift have much smaller code lines than their last version. Besides, the update takes shorter time with just a few days to finish. These are considered the main advantages of this new programing language.

Disadvantages of Swift

Swift has brought great benefits to the developer community. However, Swift’s adoption has happened while the language is still undergoing rapid evolution, making things so unstable that some developers prefer to wait. Some developers revealed that Swift updates regularly break their code.

Developers of SlideShare, which is a Swift early adopter, said that transition to Swift has been successful, but they also found out some growing pains. For example, Swift requires much processing power programs to convert Swift into a computer-readable format.

On top of this, to use Swift, developers have to learn a completely new programing language. They spent a great deal of time to be familiar with Objective-C and some companies even focus only on this language. Thus using Swift would decrease the development of the iOS environment.

Future for Swift

Objective C has been still more popular than Swift. However, the current success of Swift would be a great threat to the future of Objective C. Once Swift is stable and has a significant user community, Apple might start requiring developers to use Swift only. If this happens, Objective C eventually will go away.

Savvycom developers have been taking advantages of Swift by using this new programing language for their new project Buttferflyhub. This is an application which helps customers select appropriate beauty products based on the information of their skin type, lifestyle, characteristic, etc. With Swift, Savvycom’s developers are able to fix bugs and finish their works in a shorter time.

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