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Drupal is a powerful and stable content management framework. The power and stability of this framework make it reliable for the development of websites with high traffic. However, there are some situations in which the framework is not suitable for website development. This article tries to find out when to use or not to use this framework, in term of making effective website development strategy.

When to use Drupal?


The short answer to this question is “when developing a complex website”. The powerful, stable platform and optimized source code enable this framework to improve its performance. Thus, Drupal is a good choice for feature-rich or sophisticated websites, such as the website of a large company accessed by thousands of registered users that need to be divided into different groups and access patterns. Read more: hiring a web design agency

Another kind of complex website is the ones with multiple content types. Developers can organize hundreds of fields in several ways, in both inputting and displaying data. With this framework, the creation in data capturing, organizing and presetting is not limited.

When not to use

Despite the interests of many developers in Drupal’s advantages, the use of this framework is not always imagesconvenient. One of the conveniences is that Drupal is PHP – a programing language that is maintaining some flaws like very poor Unicode support and no threading/inter-process communication. Consequently, this framework has to pay a large percentage to get a load on every request from users, and it is not suitable for out-of-date infrastructure.

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Next, Drupal’s versions are not well supported. Drupal 8 is not ready for use. Drupal 7 is out for months. Drupal 5 is too old and no longer supported. There is only Drupal 6 available, but it will soon be out of date. If you are choosing this framework, you have to deal with the question “what version of this framework to use” which developers have been dealing for a long time. That question exists until this framework removes its horrible reputation for painful upgrades. Last, the framework should not be used when experienced Drupal developers is not available. As it is good for the compicated website, it is technical in nature, and only well-trained developer can handle it. Though many developers claim that they know the framework, but there is a wide range of knowledge and experiences about it among them. So, it is not a good decision to working with a developer who is unable to prove himself in this field.


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