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Hashtag – The latest function of Facebook

In order to be easier for users and advertisers to find hot spots of activities around specific events or related topics, Facebook indicated that it will begin to roll out the new feature on its social network called: “Hashtags”.

What are Facebook hashtags?

Hashtags — one or more words strung together with no spaces behind a “pound sign” (#). It is a form of metadata tag which enables users to follow specific topics of conversation within a social network among user comments. When you click a hashtag, you’ll see a feed of posts that include that hashtag and also some related things at Facebook’s top bar.

For instance: You see a new status “Let’s check out the new #IphoneApps. When you click this hashtag, you could see related posts from other Facebook users who also share the words “iPhone Apps” on their status. You may also see the information on useful applications for the iPhone.

Facebook users may find related information based on the hashtags created

Facebook users may find related information based on the hashtags created

Hashtag implements new functions for users

Creating a hashtag is very simple. The hashtag is appraised to be overridden every other action on the Facebook privacy setting. If you are sharing status with people, they can see your hashtagged post when they hit and tag somewhere else.

For example: If I post: #love#FlatDesign and share that with my Close Friends group, then only the people in that group who hit those hashtags elsewhere could see my posts and some related information or image about “flat design”. It’s a significant difference compared with a Twitter hashtag. Because Twitter aims for public and it is free to roaming information on the Internet.

On the contrary, some comments posted on Facebook mentioned that the stridency and complexity in Facebook hashtag make some people might that it is really annoying. They reckoned that Facebook is a source for everything from stalking friends to pouring out your life through online stories. Some hashtags may make them shudder. However, the search bar at the top of the Facebook homepage will probably allow users to look for hashtags, and more conveniently when connecting to other services such as Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Twitter.

Hashtag – a good tool for brands and advertisers

A tool to advertise brand name

The hashtag has proven to be a handy system for social networking users to click and see what their friends think about a trendy topic, also join online conversations as events unfold in real-time, such as political debates, television shows and sports games. And it provides an easy way for advertisers to reach a particular audience.

Additionally, Facebook Hashtags could be considered as a bridge to connect between you and online friends. It helps the users to transform the boring topics into clickable links in order to follow or observe any activities occurring.

To conclude, Facebook is strengthening its value proposition for advertisers by launching “Hashtags” although the hashtag has always been known as a major feature of Twitter before. Undoubtedly, Facebook now places the company as a direct competitor to Twitter. Hopefully, Facebook users will discover all new functions and take full benefits of using Hashtags.

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