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1. Soundhound


SoundHound – Android app

You’re on the street, in the bar, or at a party then suddenly this cool music is played…. you wonder what its name is. Soundhound is a perfect mobile application for you. It is considered to be the fastest music recognition application in the business. The whole process, including the recording process, takes only a minute in total. Unlike other similar apps in which users have to record a part of the song, all you need to do is just singing or humming the melody of the song. This feature is best convenient when the song you want to look for is merely something you hear on the street or you have a situation in which searching for a song is impossible. When you get the result, you can look up lyrics and information about the song, the artist or the album. Although the result isn’t always 100% accurate, especially with some not-so-popular songs, Soundhound is a must-have for all music lovers.

2. Avast! Mobile Security

mobile security

Avast! Mobile Security – Android app

Viruses and device hacking are popular problems for all Android users. Be a smart user and protect your phone with Avast! Mobile Security. With a user-friendly design, Avast! Mobile Security not only protects your phone from viruses or malware but it also prevents your device from thieves. While Antivirus and Shield Control features allow you to scan installed apps and memory card, Web Shield scans every URLs and warns you when one is malware-infected. When your phone is lost, you can track its location and remotely control your device via SMS or Web with the Anti-Theft feature.

Moreover, Avast! Mobile Security gives you total control over your device since it enables you to manage apps, widgets, memory used… This application even protects your device during installation for Android app development process. Though a few features are not free, Avast! Mobile Security worths every penny and the free version is still considered the best antivirus apps on Play Store.

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