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An Insight into the Technology world.
Analysis and Insight from Savvycom Team.

(click Five Awesome Android Apps (p1) to see the first two awesome Android apps)

3. Clean Master

Clean Master application

There are many histories and memory cleaner on the market but Clean Master should be your first choice. So what can Clean Master do? It can help your device to run more smoothly by removing rubbish content. Clean Master also helps to boost your device instantaneously and release your RAM with just a click away. It contains all the cleaning features such as History Eraser, Privacy Protection and Application manager, which are fast and effective. These features can detect caches, residual files or big files (>10MB) in the blink of an eye. With Clean Master, you can delete selected apps, messages, logs or data on your phone. In short, Clean Master lengthens your device’s battery life and boosts its performance.

4. OfficeSuite Pro
officesuit 7

Office Suite 7 application

The time when you had to use a computer to work with documents is over. OfficeSuite Pro lets you view, create, edit and print out your documents with tons of features and functions nearly like ones on a computer whenever, wherever you want without having to carry a heavy laptop around. It is a Microsoft Office-compatible application, which contains a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation app as well as PDF viewer. With elegant design and outstanding features for Android app development purposes, OfficeSuite Pro is a portable, solid and easy-to-use app. Moreover, the app supports many online storage options, such as Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, which enable users to sync, manage files and even continue their unfinished work on the go. You can also share your documents via Bluetooth, Email, Facebook or Skype. Though sometimes the graphics and headings don’t work properly, OfficeSuite Pro is still one of the best apps on the market, which put other similar apps like Polaris Office or Kingsoft Office to shame.

5. Google Maps


Google Maps application

If you ask any smartphone users what is the most powerful app by Google, the most popular answer must be Google Map. Its reputation is already widely known all over the world. It offers turn-by-turn GPS navigation, voice guide, indoor maps, Street view, live traffic information and many other features. Google Maps allows you to customize varied add-on layers such as traffic, terrain, transit lines and so on to show on the display. Google Maps lets you get directions whether you are driving, on public transportations or on the streets as pedestrians are using text or voice. One excellent feature of Google Maps is that it takes into account traffic conditions to recommend the best route to avoid congestion. It also records cache maps for offline use. The app even informs you how much memory the caches take. Furthermore, Google Maps can help you find local entertainment places like the restaurants, cafes, bars or other places like gas stations, post office, ATMs… With Google Maps, every place is discoverable.


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