Flash is finally brought to iOS

Flash to Ios, Adobe flash video,

Adobe has received the cold shoulder from Apple ever since they released the first iPhone in 2007. However, it seems that Adobe is trying to make their first move to improve their new Adobe products releasing. These allow people to watch flash player on iOS products like iPhone and iPad although Apple has not supported Flash yet.

Flash to Ios, Adobe flash video,

Flash is finally brought to iOS.

Even before the legal dispute between these two companies, they had not been in a good term with each other. The release of Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 seems to soothe the situation. In reality, Safari web browser on iOS device does not support Flash.

Howeve, but with this new product of Adobe, the way Flash works on this device will change. Flash Media Server will figure out and then automatically switch such contents into new format that suits this apple products.

Adobe Flash, Ios Flash, media server 4.5

Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5

Up until now, only .flv , a video format which Flash Media Server supported for. The normal .swf type used in advertisements will be supported very soon in the near future. The release of Flash Media Server 4.5 and Flash Access 3.0 will significantly ease the job of digital content publishers. Next, when two iOS-compatible tools: HTTP Dynamic Streaming and HTTP Live streaming will carry out them.

So, in a nutshell, Adobe does not really install Flash on iOS device, but it is capable of offer the same benefits to users as the original software. Instead of using CPU in image processing, Flash Media Server 4.5 will stay in charge of the whole Flash content process, then repacking the content for streaming. Thanks to this iPhone app development, iOS device will no longer need to spend enormous resources in displaying Flash contents, as well as avoid possible errors caused by using original Flash software.

Good news for iOS users right?

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Flash is finally brought to iOS at: September 18th, 2017 by admin