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An Insight into the Technology world.
Analysis and Insight from Savvycom Team.

An app idea flashes in your mind, you believe it’s a killer idea and you don’t want to miss your chance? Here are some steps you might consider taking in order to turn your app idea into reality.

1. Are your app ideas good enough?

There are several questions you need to ask yourself to determine whether your idea is marketable:

  • Can your app get attention and pull users involved in?
  • Does the app fill a unique niche?
  • Can your app solve a particular problem?
  • If your app can assist people in their current issues, they sure will love it.
  • Is there any other app similar to yours in the market? If yes, is your app an improvement? If it can fix some problems or possesses some new features, you’re on the right track.

If your app idea fits into those categories, then it’s time to move to step 2.

2. Shape your direction

Define the type of app you want to go for. Will you develop an Android app? Or do you target iPhone users? Will a native app suit your idea? Or maybe web app will be a better choice? Then gather tools and device you need to build your app.

turn app idea to app

Turn your ideas into reality

3. Skills you’ll need

Having just an idea is apparently not enough to reach for a real app. There requires a combined set of skills you’ll need to apply to bring your app to the market. Don’t worry if you’re not good at researching or designing. Find someone that has what you lack, that’s what teamwork is for. So basically there are several things that you will need to do:

  • Market research:
    • Research on similar products (if any).Take a good look at your competitors, find out what makes them succeed or fail.
    • Define your target audience and the value that your app will provide.
  • Development: If you intend to find someone to work on the development for you, will you choose a freelancer or a company? Each option has its own advantages: Company – higher cost but better quality; trust problem wouldn’t be of much concern. Freelancer – lower cost, questionable quality assurance. Finally, remember to sign NDA to protect your idea, no matter if you collaborate with a freelancer or a company.
  • Design: Decide where you will put the navigation system and how it will work. Consider how you can present the information to the users most effectively. Try to make it unique, simple but fabulous, user-friendly and easy to use. UX design is very tough at this stage since this is how your app makes the first steps to impress its audience.
  • Sketching your app: Decide the size, proportion, how to make your app look great in every screen and how the screens should connect.

4. …And, make it real!

As the ideas have been built, the vision has been established, let’s start now. Don’t give up and stay focused. Have fun app-ing!


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