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The pandemic leaves us in the middle of a Great Empty, with millions of people moving to behind closed doors. However, emptiness doesn’t necessarily reflect in sadness and desperation. In the exact opposite, it institutes the unobtrusive beauty of solitude and self-nurturing that have long been washed away with the bustle of life. Social distancing gives us the treasure of time to incubate, to reflect, to explore and to progress to the future - which in turn would wing up your business when the hatching time arrives.

With the good development of the situation, that early arrival is no longer “in the wildest dreams”. Governments are actively playing their roles in controlling the outbreak. Scientists are racing against time to give out the first batch of vaccines - some of which have already been tested on humans and showed progressive results. The pandemic is also reaching its peak, signaling that there is a corner to be turned, around which life will get back to some kind of normal. The toll of Coronavirus cases will soon trail away, therefore we have the right to stay optimistic and embrace this incubation. 

Read our articles to elevate your incubation days and be prepared for the forth-coming hatch:

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There is a famous Japanese idiom that goes: “Ichigo Ichie”. It means that what we are experiencing right now will never happen again, therefore we must value each moment like a beautiful treasure. Similarly, these “incubation” days will not last forever, so live them in an optimistic way and to the fullest. Life is what we think it is, hence if you look at the situation with a hopeful soul, loving eyes and a vibrant heart, you can turn these days into an opportunity for your business. Sincerely, Savvycom
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