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It’s undeniable that digital devices take an indispensable part in our modern world, penetrating all the aspects of life, business is not an exception. Following this digitalization trend, more and more forward-thinking entrepreneurs are taking advantage of mobile app development to grow their businesses. Here are 5 ways of how your company could greatly benefit from brilliant apps.

Increase sales

App has proven itself as the emerging point of sales due to a dozen features boosting more income. Rapid-pace life makes shopping via mobile apps a brilliant choice thanks to its simplicity, convenience and less consuming order time. The mobile app treats users well with the order fulfilment. For example, customers could easily book a hotel reservation, buy cinema tickets, order food just by quick taps…from anywhere, anytime using their phones.

Payment also becomes much more convenient with the aid of online transaction. The fewer steps to make a purchase, the more often customers would explore apps and buy, which significantly drives sales. Delta Airline, one of the striking examples of how apps strengthen sales, having witnessed the steady upsurge in revenue since its FlyDelta app launch in 2011.

Delta mobile application developers featured their app with industry-leading ability to book or even rebook the cancelled flights, checking flight’s status and seat view, getting information about the map, fleet, weather, terminal and gate, especially connecting to the social network through in-flight Wifi…

In 2014, flight bookings via FlyDelta App generated tens of millions of dollars in income, 90% of checking-in happening on mobile, according to Delta Airline’s CEO, greatly contributing to the profit rise as an achievement from expanding the business into mobile apps. savvycom-vietnam-it-outsourcing-company

Raise brand awareness

Mobile apps can greatly contribute to your brand recognition since this is a friendly and effective channel to represent your products, connect and help customers stay informed with updated news, promotions…

Apps are visible and accessible to the customers all the time on their screens. Whenever the users look at their mobiles, scrolling, unlocking,… their brains unconsciously record image, text, logo, …which all come across their mind. This feature should be taken into account to utilize apps in order to gain customers attention, thereby increasing brand awareness. There is the fact that customers can be likely to make a purchase after interacting and get engaged with mobiles apps.

Enhance customer’s loyalty

Maintaining a strong relationship with customers is clearly an attribute of a successful business. Mobile apps are able to run various strategies in the form of mobile deals offers, discounts or coupons to reward loyal customers. Many mobile app development companies implement this app-based reward in order to boost customer loyalty.

Starbuck app is one excellent example of how apps can strengthen the relationship with these valuable customers. Not only putting effort to enhance the user experience by the tailor-made dashboard, but Starbucks app also enables users to scan their card for payment, earn Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards™ program, then accumulate to be rewarded in the loyalty programs.

A marketing channel

Marketers can maximize apps’ functionality as a marketing channel which allows them to proactively access to audiences. Push notifications or also known as app alert on users’ screens to inform them about new updated version, upcoming sales events, promotions, … could be considered as an innovative marketing technique.

By this way, marketers can have the power to promote the engagement rate and enhance awareness to brands. What’s more? Some apps are associated with social media platforms and let users post links into their profiles then contribute to the brand spreads. Back to the aforementioned case study of Starbuck, its mobile app also allows users to send gifts and coupons to their friends via the app, which turns the customers into the brand evangelists. Thanks to these brilliant social referrals, the brand was widely spread by satisfied customers, thereby reaching more and more potential audiences.

Outstanding from competitors

The boom of e-commerce along with technology innovation will put considerable strain on typical business models, with competition challenge becoming harsh and intensifying than ever before. To survive in this rat race and not be left behind, every brand should take custom application development into account as a brilliant implement to differentiate and stand out amongst their competitors. hoyu-pdf

Improve Customer Engagement

The growth of customer scepticism towards advertising or marketing campaigns has set up the challenge for brands to approach audiences. Customer engagement strategy should not offer much marketing sense but more sincere and trust-worthy experiences.

By creating more real interaction, such as integrating message feature as a means of communication with a full online presence, presenting on-hand information, support, mobile apps provide businesses potential to stay closer with customers than ever before. Incentivizing customers’ activeness by enabling them to share, giving feedback, recommending can probably reinforce customer feeling of respect and understanding. By doing so, apps can promote engagement and retention to business.

Provide Value to Your Customers

After all, user perceived value is a particularly critical force that strongly drives customers to your business, thereby a core element every mobile application company takes priority over when it comes to building apps. Delivering value through apps channel can simply conduct by serving fast and convenient purchase process, presenting on-hand content to segmented users, adopting reward strategies focusing on loyal customers.

This will result to the volume of apps downloads and more returning customers. My FitnessPal is an app that significantly benefits from mobile application development with more than 65 million users. Customers are provided with track activities, healthy lifestyle, better-eating habits, which ranks FitnessPal on top apps for iPhone and Android mobile. Mobile offers huge potential to scale your business. Considering all the above benefits, the mobile app will no doubt continue to be driving force for business in the coming years.

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