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What do you think about the trouble that Huawei is facing? In my opinion, to move forward and take back its position in the smartphone world market, the Chinese giant must solve one of the biggest problems: app store. Why? You may have a strongest, fastest and most modern smartphone, but you can't use Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, etc. Will you still buy it? So, why mobile apps become so important like that? and how they affect our business in this Technology era? In this email, I would love to share with you some ideas of How mobile apps enhance your e-commerce customer experience. Well, don't worry if your business is not Retail/E-commerce, I believe that after reading this, you may want to discuss with me and figure out a solution with a mobile app for your business.  
How Mobile Apps Enhance The Ecommerce Customer Experience
At Glance:
  • Mobile apps are personal and tailored to users
  • Convenience is king
  • Consumers demand multi-channel e-commerce
  • Apps exceed online stores in expectations
  • Apps are interactive and engaging
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