Strategies to promote Mobile App

It is estimated that 30% people of all mobile phone users get applications. With that huge number, they are also the potential customers for any companies. The question now is “How to market effectively an app?”

1. Create an interesting app

Before marketing, the mobile app must be attractive to many people with high number downloaded, high rate… It is clear that the more popular the app is, the more effective marketing has. To have this, the mobile app should be new, useful, beautiful design and for games, it is easy to start but then it becomes more difficult. If they feel it interesting, they will recommend for their friends. It is the most effective way to marketing, isn’t it?

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2. Gain the compliments from users

Positive reviews from users are very important because other people can rely on this basic to decide whether they should download this app. One problem to get users’ comment is that they can ignore this requirement of a company producing mobile applications. To solve it, this app should have a persuaded call so people can realize that their comments to improve the quality of an application as well as support for that company.

3. Be social with your users

The power of social networks and relationships among people are very strong and marketers should make use of it. Your applications have to ability to connect to social networks or other users and share new information with other people. Moreover, it is necessary to create the relationship between users and mobile development companies through Facebook, Twitter and discussed forums. Remember to keep in touch with your users regularly.

4. Offer a trial version and sale

If you want sell your application at a price, why don’t you start with a free version? No one will take risk to buy your application without knowing that it is deserved. A free version is a way for people to test it and they will buy a paid – application voluntarily. Sometimes, you can give a sale for your application. For example, your application costs $4 but now, it is only $1.99. Well, it is believed that the number of downloaders will increase rapidly. Don’t be afraid of different price will bring the different downloaded volume. You can receive marketing thanks from buyers and it is a huge step.


Fruit up! – an app by Savvycom Software

5. Have a long – term marketing campaign

It is a method to keep a stable and higher position for iPhone app development. A long – team marketing campaign requires an active and patient team because it takes about at least 4 months to achieve a good result clearly. You can provide some keywords or pages related to your apps and raise them on search engines like Google or social networks like Facebook.

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