How QR codes benefit businesses

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Last time, we discovered benefits of QR code in daily life. In reality, QR codes are useful not only to regular users in daily life; but also to professional officers in businesses. This article continues the topic about QR code by discussing its benefits in business environment.

1. Tracking marketing success

As we all know, QR codes can easily be printed on marketing materials like fliers, programs, handouts, whitepapers, and other publishes, and be easily accessed by customers. By using QR codes in their marketing strategy, officers are able to see how frequently their codes have been scanned by customers who use those aforementioned materials, and then evaluate the effectiveness of their work. The more QR codes are scanned, the more successful their plan is.

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2. Improving business network

Another convenience of QR codes is that, people don’t have to write down or type anything when they exchange contact information. A business card with QR code included makes it easier for business partners to save each other’s contact details, thus building a more effective business network.

3. Promoting advertisement effectiveness

Unlike traditional advertising method that requires you to show your customers several product brochures or pay a whole lot amount of money for a few-second TV ad, QR codes only needs a small space but provides enough information about your business. This helps you save a lot of money to, for example, broadcast your ad, print tons of brochures and ship them.

It doesn’t matter which field your business is operating in, fashion, food & beverage or electronics, QR codes will do them all. That’s why copywriters are becoming familiar with placing QR codes on ad materials like fliers, programs, handouts, whitepapers, and other publishes, which appear frequently at public places like bus stops, park benches, product packages and every other place that may attract user’s attention.


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4. Spreading targeted recruitment

QR code is an ideal assistant for companies when they launch job openings. Recruitment information like job requirements, benefits, company culture, etc. is included in the posting with QR codes, and put in places where target candidates can approach. Read more: Top software outsourcing companies

5. Supporting Offline to Online Call-to-Action

A person who brings their mobile phone when he is going out of office can access online resources anytime and anywhere, provided that his office uses QR codes. QR codes allow people of a business to access online resources in offline way. Laptop and internet is not strictly necessary at this situation.

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  1. Barbi Hisle

    Having a mobile website and using QR codes with it can place a positive first impression of your business in the consumer’s mind. It’s smart way to use for just one click, you can reach out for your customer.