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In this computing era, it is undeniable that technology has been creating a digital version of almost everything, and education is not an exception. Although there are many proved arguments about how technology negatively affects students in the classroom, it has truly revolutionized the way we learn.

Here are some reasons why digital education is gaining increasing favour over traditional learning methods.

Diversify Learning Styles

For most students, reading textbooks seems to be a passive and tedious way of learning. It triggers no interest and excitement and boosts no creativity at all. However, with mobile app learning, chemical reactions, physical phenomena, historical events now can be attractively illustrated via infographics, videos, podcasts and graphics models.

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Visual aid is one of the best ways to make lessons enjoyable. It captures students’ interest, and therefore make them easily understand lessons. Loads of apps and software customized for various educational purposes not only provides the teacher with an advanced solution for efficient knowledge transfer but also boost students’ comprehension and creativity.

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Inspire Smart Communication

In traditional classrooms, especially in universities and colleges, the number of students may reach a few hundred. It is hard sometimes for a teacher to deliver knowledge to such a large number of students. However, the problem can now be solved by learning apps that offer one-to-one assistance. Teachers can customize lessons on such smart education solution to fit each student’s level and learning style.

Communication in class also benefits from online channels. A Facebook private group is a commonly used tool for team working, school work discussions, as well as exchanging notes and learning materials. PDF Viewer is another prime example of an internal system for university students and teachers in Japan with which teachers can give assignments, set deadline, then comments, marks directly on the PDF files. Students will also receive teachers’ marks, then send back their questions and feedback. This technology solution has significantly enhanced interactions between students and lecturers.

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Boost Interactive Learning

With conventional models of class, especially in Asian countries, speaking up one’s ideas or openly discussing a case study is not what students are willing to do. Some introverted students might be hesitant to become part of the team when it comes to group work. Luckily, those barriers will be eliminated by digital teaching platforms, which forms a new way of participation. All they need to do now is to type and send what they think instead of speaking them up, therefore collaboration among class members can be greatly stimulated.

Obviously, a highly-interactive way of learning will boost students’ enjoyment and foster pro-activeness resulting in a better responsibility in school learning. Teachers’ burden is lessened, they could take the role of guidance in student discussions instead of giving a long lecture.

Spur Global and Distance Learning

Education has become more flexible and adaptive with online courses. Online learning has saved a lot of time, effort and travelling expenses moving from one place to another to join a class. With an available internet connection, even people with highly restricted schedule are still able to take an online course anytime they want. Apparently, the prosperity of technology has brought learning opportunities to every corner of the world.

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Create An Infinite and Up-to-Date Source of Knowledge

Technology provides numerous approaches to knowledge. Nowadays, a mobile device can replace loads of heavy textbooks, a whole library can be stored in a single Kindle. With the rise of cloud technology, the amount of data, documents, ebook, and educational materials shared online are unlimited.

Plus, students can easily stay up-to-date with the latest knowledge, as any type of information can be accessible with only the help of a click. This is probably one of the most prominent technology advantages that helps form an erudite society.

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