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Agile Model is a type of software development in which software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles. To make an agile model workable, there are some simple tips which are introduced following:

1. Model with A Purpose

model w purpose

Clarifying the purpose of agile modelling is the first task to make it workable. You should focus on its objective, i.e. who is the person you are creating the model for. The next thing to do is to base on the purpose identified before, develop it to the point where it is both sufficiently accurate and sufficiently detailed. This step is so important that you always have to be sure that you know the audience thoroughly, even when the audience is yourself. If you are not sure, let’s go talk to them and find out.

2. Maximize Stakeholder ROI

The project stakeholders play a large role in distributing resources for your app development process, including time, money, facilities, and so on. Therefore, they deserve to have their ROI maximized. Also, let them know how those resources are invested or not invested with a reasonable explanation. This not only allows Agile modelling to run smoothly but also establishes their truth in you.

3. Multiple Models

multiple models

It is recommended to use multiple models in the software development process. The reason for this is every single aspect of the software can be described with a separated model. You should take the complexity of modern day software into account. However, let’s be smart. You don’t need to develop all of these models for any given system. The number of models is needed depends on the very software, its nature as well as the ability to handle the whole system.

4. Rapid Feedback


The shorter time between an action and the feedback on that action is, the more effective your Agile model becomes. In order to achieve rapid feedback, it is critical to work closely with your customer, try to understand and analyze the requirements. For example, developing a user interface that meets their needs provides opportunities for rapid feedback.

5. Assume Simplicity


The necessity of simplicity is emphasized once again here. In Agile modeling, the simplest solution is always the best one. Minimize the number of additional features in your models that you don’t need today. Just keep it as simple as possible.


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