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business agility innovation The world is changing rapidly, and high agility is required for any business who wants to survive in this high-speed economy. However, what is the most effective way to make business agility a key success of your business? This article gives some suggestions to solve that problem.

Enable agility of technology

The agility of technological ingredients is extremely important for businesses if they wish to get success. There are some technological aspects which are likely to contribute to business’s technology agility, such as the decoupling of the technical infrastructure track and the process of development; or the ability of the whole IT team to adhere to project management and facilitating the business to completely focus on process management. Another recommended condition is a strong support for enterprise architecture at strategy. They are different methods to harmonize the platform engineering and the high-level management among a business.

Enable agility of business management

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Although the aforementioned technical components are essential and also not easy to be conducted, they are not the key to the success of business agility. The actual one is business managers. Those ones who have agile mindsets are able to to make the business more agile via an effective business architecture. Regularly, business architecture is considered as a tool that reduces complexity by enforcing particular structures. However, the structures are sometimes rigid, which, as a result, limit creativeness and impede business development.

The story of agile business is not the same. With their open minds, business managers are able to design a smart, effective business architecture make the business stand out in the market, enhance its adaptability and competitiveness. They always keep the following questions in mind: “What are my customers need from us?”, “What can we do to serve them better?”. They find out the answers and conduct them in practice. They keep studying the market in their customers with that question regularly, become more nimble, more healthy, agiler and more successful.

To sum up, the key for a successful agility business stems from both technology and people. Once each of them can assure about its ability to adapt to rapid changes in the global economy and in the consumer makeup, the business has the right to believe in a rosy future.

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