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Managing an outsourcing project has never been an easy job. Several problems may occur, originating from lack of time, or misunderstanding between concerning parties. This article shares some tips to meet timeline and reduce stress for inexperienced project managers.

Tips to meet outsourcing project timeline

  • Get involved in every step of the project

Undeniably, the project is yours, and the timeline is yours, too. You have no reason to ignore the whole outsourcing process and care about the outcome only. One of the preconditions to meet outsourcing timeline is the cooperation of the business owner and the service provider. Please keep this in mind and review their work regularly, communicate changes to make sure that your service providers are on track. Read more: Tips for successful outsourcing projects

  • Have the instructions written

Some people may think this idea is too minor to be mentioned, but actually, it is worth. All the requests, checklists, and how-to processes need writing down. Furthermore, always highlight the project title in your requests. This helps your service provider understand the requirements clearly and do not waste time contacting you to have further communication.

  • Remind the service provider about a due date

man-running-deadline-300x200 Another easy tip but also usually be skipped. Just repeat the due date in the title, subject and the body of the outsourcing contract as well as other documents. That will be a motivation for your services provider to try their best to complete their work.

Further tips to reduce stress

3D Character with head in hands, sitting on the word Stress

The key point to make your outsourcing process less stressful is to ensure mutual understanding between your service provider and you. Following are some ways to do this:

  • Separate each requesting email: In order to avoid confusion and mistakes relating to different requests, send separate emails for each one. Even if you want to ask them to do two or more things at the same time, please don’t try to reduce the number of emails by combining multiple tasks in the same email. Why do this when the email service is free? Read More: Outsourcing An App Idea.
  • State a short overview of each task request: Give your requirements, in brief, to help your service provider understand the big picture. They will never ask you silly questions as to when requests are ambiguous, instead, they can conduct the work better and even provide valuable suggestions.
  • Ask for periodical reports: Split your project into several phases to facilitate phase reviews. You will have the chance to hear from the service provider about changes in the situation, and make the adjustment if needed.
  • Specify the maximum costs beforehand: Last but not least, let’s calculate the total costs of the project first and you do not have to worry about a surprisingly large bill after everything is completed.

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