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Remember when we talked about the battle between native apps and web apps, and that native apps are more superior in many aspects that web apps cannot surpass, and that developers need to make a decision of which one to choose? Well, HTML5 is our new hope. Here’s why we can believe in the rise of it.

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First of all, it’s a mix. Yes, HTML5 is a fusion of native app and web app, something like “the best of both worlds”.

Bye-bye Flash

In the contemporary world where websites need to be highly interactive, developers need to integrate video clips, music players or social networks in their apps, and in order to do that, up to now their tool is majorly Flash. But Flash is going outdated and HTML5 will inevitably replace it. HTML5 allows contents like movies, audio or social media to work more seamlessly in a less resource-consuming way. With HTML5, there’s no need for a third party plugins.

Offline application cache

Unlike webapps that only work when you’re connected to the internet, HTML5 enables smart cache solution for offline accessibility. While building the site, developers specify the files that browsers should cache so you can load the pages even when you have no internet access. No worries when your internet signal dies out right?

Greater consistency

HTML5 finally fulfils the original goal of HTML, which is a programming language that can describe the structure of a document. This makes it easier for designers and developers to grab a better understanding of the website even when they didn’t grow it initially.

And those are just some of much amazing stuff that HTML5 will give us. Of course, no matter how powerful HTML5 is, it still has some downsides. But it’s no doubt that HTML5 is going to be revolutionizing.


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