iBeacon – a new Digital trend for Enterprise Mobility?

iBeacon may be the most notable and trendy one. It is even called “The trend of 2014”. However, before examining technical aspect of it to see how innovative and creative it is, this article will cover basic information about this modern product of Apple.


What is iBeacon?

iBeacon is a feature integrated into iOS 7 SDK (Software Development Kit). Via Bluetooth 4.0 which is available in iOS 7 devices such as iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, This transmits data from either a local database or cloud-based storage to user’s smartphone.

The data includes every necessary pieces of information about the item near by the user. They may be discounts, reward incentive or contextual suggestion.

In other words, iBeacon is a platform that allows mobile developers to create apps on iOS 7, whose role is to interact with the beacons (or the wireless sensors) in the public places, agencies but especially stores.

Why iBeacons would be a hot technology trend?

To answer this, let see following example: A woman goes shopping in an iBeacon-supporting-store. Whenever she accesses an area, a notification is pushed into her smartphone, giving her information about the items or goods in the area she’s visiting.


That example illustrates advantage of iBeacon: for customers, this would be an excited and novel shopping experience, as they are able to access data they need in every step. And for shop owner, it’s easier for them not only to manage the number of visitors of the shop, but also communicate more directly and effectively with shoppers.

Otherwise, this feature is helpful in positioning. When you are in basement of a shopping mall – where is out of GPS coverage – the beacons near by will recognize your position and show you the way to some area of the mall. That is to say, iBeacon has succeeded in overcoming limitation of the traditional GPS.

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iBeacon – a new Digital trend for Enterprise Mobility? at: September 13th, 2017 by Huy Do