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Savvycom’s noble Mobile development team – the combination of bright minds and restless efforts finally brings out an excellent result: The top-notch Inspector App has eventually been released.

Inspector App was built to satisfy the needs of an app that can easily conduct marketing surveys on mobile devices.

Inspector App on Android - By Savvycom

_____Inspector App on Android - by Savvycom

Inspector App on iPhone - By Savvycom

_____Inspector App on iPhone - by Savvycom

Inspector App is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

This useful app can serve many of your purposes, from shopping, service checks to product testing and surveys. Additionally, With the assistance of this app, you are enabled to carry out direct online surveys or tests and then acquire the points earned for each of them. But that’s not all; Inspector App allows users to get immediate notification of new surveys. When a user relocates, available surveys in that new area will also be displayed.

With this multifunctional and convenient Inspector App on your iPhone or Android device, your choices are versatile, your efforts are minimal and the results are magnificent.

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