Is iPad Mini a right move of Apple?

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Everyone has been fuzzing around the rumors of an iPad Mini recently, especially when 7-inch tablets make the market heat up. It seems that the rumors are not unreasonable. But if Apple has released an Ipad mini in the end of this year, will it be a wrong move of the giant?

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If Apple actually is going to introduce some kind of 7-inch tablet to compete with Google Nexus, it, first of all, is certainly a bad news for developers who will have to write different programs to satisfy the new resolution of iPad Mini.


Is iPad Mini rumor true? And if yes, is it going to be a right move of Apple?

We probably all remember what Steve Jobs said when he first introduced iPad: a device must be better than those currently existing in the market. And this explains why everything Apple has offered until now is amazing. But with an iPad Mini, that vision might get confusing.

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If iPad Mini is coming out, it will mark the first time ever Apple plays the role of a follower, rather than the market leader. Apple always creates trends, and it’s not wrong to state that Apple inspires the best devices we see in the market nowadays.

Following the footstep of Google to create just-another-7-inch-tablet is nothing similar to the regularly seen originality of Apple. Apple is way too strong and independent to compete in such a way. They don’t need to gain market share with such types of idea. A smaller version of iPad is not a superiorly bad thing, but it’s nothing special when it comes to an extraordinary entity like Apple. Read more:

Some people actually want an iPad Mini, but many others hope it’s no more than a mere rumor. Despite saying so, we can only wait and see what will come in the end of this year.

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Is iPad Mini a right move of Apple? at: September 18th, 2017 by admin

3 thoughts on “Is iPad Mini a right move of Apple?

  1. Jim Stewart

    Ipad mini version like a new blowing to Apple’s product. I have one and it’s working very good.

  2. JL Faverio

    Ipad mini is cheaper than Ipad, but the quality is good. Why we need an ipad than an ipad mini?

  3. Kamlesh Drolia

    Surely, apple has big move in the tech world. Special for ipad mini, It’s cheaper than ipad standard, But I like Ipad mini than Ipad.