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2013 has finally come. As we all have witnessed the evolvement of technology in 2012, we could be able to partly predict the trend of IT in this new year.

1. The year of mobile debates

Since iPhone was first introduced in 2007, people have seen an intense competition among mobile giants like Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia or so. There has been a significant improvement in the way mobile devices work, from basic functions to advanced duties like Internet access.

iPhone app development has bridged the gap between mobile phones and computers. In 2013, along with the increasing fierce debates that we’ve been seeing, users may experience Tablet more: a mobile device with the screen size of 5 to 7 inches. The evolution of Tablet is expected to flood the market with a more attractive appearance and smoother functionality.

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2. More cloud computing

Cloud computing has been growing strongly. Due to the fact that it can massively reduce work infrastructure, service providers have been working harder and harder on a cloud service that safeguards users’ database, as well as widening the scope of cloud usage. Cloud computing will soon be made available on not only computers but on mobile devices. It is getting better, faster and more convenient. Read more: pros and cons of cloud computing072215_0314_2

Cloud services are trending nowadays

3. Holographic display and infrared keyboard

Holographic display is the way to construct 3D technology and infrared keyboard means using laser presentation. Making the first debut in 2011, it amazed people and since then, some traditional devices have been predicted to be replaced by this technology. Take the remote control as an example. You sure all are so familiar with the way it works, which helps you to change TV channels or turning on/off your TV from a certain distance.

Now with the help of a holographic and infra-red keyboard, you will witness an awesome replacement of remote control and even beyond. There will be no need of pressing physical buttons as a simple movement of your hands will get the job done. 19183863

Holographic display and 3D technology

4. Voice assistant

Voice assistant is not a strange concept, but with the release of Siri, a voice assistant took a leap and became a phenomenon. Apple up until now is still leading the field, but Google is coming very close. Both target a more natural voice assistant with better interaction. Users will be offered a big surprise coming from voice assistant in the coming year 2013.

5. Internet Device

We are so used to Internet devices that look big in size and inconvenient to bring around. Just recently, smaller devices like 3G USBs have attracted more and more users. 2013 will be a more promising year for such types of Internet devices to get wider popularity. Their quality will get better to server increasing demands of customers. The aforementioned trends are just some of the biggest waves of changes coming in 2013. This upcoming year is going to be stunning with more innovation than you could ever expect.


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