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Why Savvycom?

  • Client - focus

    Client - focus

    With a 92% returning client, we go beyond technology and understand our clients’ business goals and ambitions. Savvycom is hands-on and ensures that your technology is always in alignment with our clients’ strategic vision.
  • High retention rate

    High retention rate

    We are proud of our high employee retention rate at around 93%. Retention is driven by ongoing professional development, a great work-life balance and an innovative workplace.
  • Scalable resource model

    Scalable resource model

    We adopt a flexible and scalable resource model that allows Savvycom to be flexible to adjust recourses in accordance with current clients’ demands and quickly prepare for future growth.
  • Expertise team

    Expertise team

    Savvycom is a cross-functional group of experts who have up to 20 years of relevant experience in software development and have worked on many different projects across a variety of industries.

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We're proud to be highlighted as one of most innovative software service providers worldwide.

Strategic Partners

We are honoured to partner with global organisations with an aim to bringing more values to our customers.

Customer Success Stories

We work closely with all of our customers in a collaborative environment, helping them define and achieve their vision.
  • eコマース・小売りソリューション

    当社の強力なITソリューションにより、 お客様は迅速にビジネスを拡大し、 顧客の期待を超えて、オムニチャネル能力を最大化し、 収益性を強化することが可能になります。

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  • シェアリングエコノミーソリューションズ

    シェアリングエコノミー業界での競争をサポートするため、 Savvycomはお客様の技術パートナーとなり、リアルタイムプロセスで人々をエコノミーシェアリングソリューションズに繋ぐ総合システムを構築しています。

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  • ロジスティック&サプライチェーンシステム

    Savvycomのテーラメイドソフトウェア開発ソリューションは 情報フロー管理能力を向上し、ロジスティック& サプライチェーンプロセスを自動化し、貴方のROIを最大化することができます。

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  • 企業管理ソリューションズ


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  • 特定産業向けソリューション

    ヘルスケア、ファイナンス、小売、Eコマース、教育、ロジスティック&サプライチェーン等の分野に関係なく、我々の技術専門家による 支援で、お客様は高い品質のアプリとソフトウェアを作ることができます。

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Technology Experience

To meet our clients' unique demands, we are ready to work with the latest technologies and platforms.

Savvycom - Your Software Development Partner

Savvycom is recognised as a global software service provider, consistently ranked among top digital technology companies of the region

Client Testimonials

We deeply appreciate all feedback from our customers to improve the quality of our services.
  • David Cheng Founder, iHeartlocal

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  • Nikias Leigh CEO, Real Property Photography

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  • Raghu Rai CEO, Jio Health

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Savvycom's Achievements

Our achievements reflect our commitment to provide our most innovative solutions.

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