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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about software development process with Savvycom. Choose your matter or drop us a message for further information.
Which software development services do you provide?
As an IT offshore outsourcing company, we provide our clients across the globe with offshore development services including Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Enterprise Management Solutions and DevOps & Cloud. Learn more about our services here.
What is your software development process? Can I involve to it?
Please check out our software development process here. Since signing on the contract, Savvycom strictly follows the Agile development methodology and let you involve to every sprint and process.
How long would it take to develop a mobile app/web app?
Before setting a clear timeline, we need to clarify our clients' requirements as detailed as possible. In general, a project could typically take from 3 to 6 months depending on its complexity. Some projects in which web or mobile applications need to be Integrated with 3rd party systems such as payment gateways might take up more time.
Why should we outsource software development to Vietnam?
Despite the huge market share in offshore development of India and China, Vietnam has been quickly gaining recognition as an ideal software outsourcing destination in Asia. Outsourcing to Vietnam is about 90% cheaper than in the USA and is between one-third and one-seventh times cheaper than in India with the well-qualified labour force, the stability of socio-economic, religious and political. Please check out this article to find out more why you should outsource software development to Vietnam.
Why should we choose Savvycom to outsource software development?
With over 10 years of experience, Savvycom is proud to deliver over 300 projects to many clients across the globe. We have been serving all business from fast-growing startups to SMEs and large cooperations. Savvycom commits to bringing you powerful digital solutions in the most optimal method and the highest investment efficiency.