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3 Main Tips for Starting a New Peer-to-peer E-commerce Website
Along with the massive growth of Peer-to-peer Economy, it seems to be “you are late” in the E-commerce competition if your business doesn’t build a Peer-to-peer E-commerce business website. With the big advantage of online marketplaces like connecting supply and demand, saving time and money for customers, the potential for this market place will be much developing and become a dominant platform in the future. Read more
2019's Top 7 In-Demand Programming Languages
Are you going to develop an e-commerce business website but still not knowing how to create a good website? Based on Savvycom's experience in developing a hundred e-commerce website for various clients from across the globe, this article may help you find one. Read more
In-app Purchase - What you need to know for your e-commerce app
The ultimate goal of in-app purchase is to make the purchasing process easier. Apart from that, what other advantages that in-app purchase has? Does it have any drawbacks? What are the different types of in-app purchase? Savvycom would like to bring you an insight look over this increasingly popular model for mobile app development. Read more
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