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Mac vs PC, Who is really winning?

Mac has advantages on:

  1. Speed Test
  2. Color Matching: Apple is the only OS and hardware which supports Colorsync, the industry standard for ” what you see is what you get” color matching.
  3. Typography: Type-styles rendered with a Mac transfer better.
  4. Compatibility: Macs can run Window Os
  5. Multimedia: Macs offer an unprecedented range of applications and hardware for music, photos, and video editing.
  6. Reliability: You can move a program/file/folder anywhere on the hard drive, and it won’t crash. Macs will also update shortcuts (icons) that you had pointed to that program.
  7. Security: Mac has yet to be threatened by a virus or experience a major security breach.
  8. Stability: Macs are more stable because it separates most programs from each other as well as from the operating system.

PC is winner because of these following functions:

  1. Affordability: Window is cheaper than Macs
  2. Selection: PCs are available in an unending variety of choices.
  3. Gaming: Most of the world’s most popular games are available only on a PC.
  4. Big Screen Connectivity: Many PCs running Window 7 are designed to connect directly to TVs.
  5. Popularity: About 95% of schools and offices run Window.
  6. Software compatibility: Most computer software is developed to run on Windows.
  7. 3-D Rendering: Windows open architecture and PC but allow a wide, non-saturated video subsystem.
  8. Market Share : PCs take account for 92.21% than Macs.

Mac Vs PC

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