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An Insight into the Technology world.
Analysis and Insight from Savvycom Team.

It is certainly a big confusion when it comes to deciding whether native apps or web apps should be brought into the business. Each has its own strengths that can be utilized and some limitations that are worth considering, therefore, they should be chosen relying on particular circumstances.

Part 3: The mobile app solution and a new approach

Choosing Native Apps for Its performance?

Generally, businesses should consider picking native apps when performance, usability and hardware accessibility are required, games for instance. Apps that have nothing to do with internet connection are also better developed this way. If the business model fits well with the Monetization model of App Store or Google Play, it could be much easier to go for native apps rather than web apps.

Hybrid app, app solutions
Native, Web or Hybrid app, what is your app solution?

When developers decide that they want those apps to get updated in a regular and prompt basis, web apps should be a better option. Since there are no App Stores to impose strict policies on web apps, new updates will be visible to users faster and easier. As aforementioned, considering native apps development requires quite a huge effort and expenditure, it could be a “less painful” way to go for web apps, which asks for fewer resources (it depends on the projects to be carried out though).

However, these are not the only options you have. As HTML5 takes on, it gives us all a hope in something more impressive: a fusion of native app and web app, with the combined strengths of both and the minimum negative impacts that either could cause. Read more: HTML 5 will dominate the mobile app market?

The hybrid app will alternate native app for high-performance quality

Hybrid apps are built using the same technologies applied in mobile web implementations but are run in a native mobile framework. Hybrid app, in short, is “the best of both worlds”: quicker and cheaper to build compared to a native app, and more flexible than a web app. Even though, it is quite impossible to say that hybrid apps will alternate native apps for good since the performance quality that native apps can offer is still distinctive.

hybrid app, native app strong, web app advantages
Hybrid app – the best of both native apps and web apps

So, there is no absolute answer to the question of “Which one is better”. Hybrid apps are literally attractive, but the decision depends much on the business models and the products to be delivered. The conclusion is only ‘the best’ when your business can make the most of it.

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