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An Insight into the Technology world.
Analysis and Insight from Savvycom Team.

Have you ever wondered why some mobile development companies develop so many free apps? What benefits can they get from doing so? Well, one big thing they can get is income from advertisements, and another extreme benefit is promoting their brand name. If you’re considering building a mobile app to assist your brand promotion, it’s a good idea. But there are several things you need to keep in mind to make sure you can succeed.

Focus on your target audience

Make sure you know what they want so that your app can deliver some values, thus making it popular among your targeted segments. How to do it?

Do some in-depth researches, find out what they want, what problems they’re facing when using similar apps. Make your users the centre. Make your app useful and functional so that users will remember your brand.

Remember the word ‘Mobile’

Yes, you’re going mobile. And mobile is completely different from a desktop or a laptop: smaller screen, no mouse cursor, tinier keypad, etc. Nobody would want to load a heavy site with thousands of features using a mobile phone. Remember what works on websites may not work on mobiles. Make your app simple and mobile-friendly.

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Don’t develop a game to draw attention

Well, it may work for a while, but not for long, especially when your core business has nothing to do with games. Don’t focus on something that is not your profession as it will only be a waste of resources. People will play your game for fun, then completely forget about it as well as everything related to it. Can you make sure that users will remember your brand after they stop playing your game? Develop an app that can assist users in the long-run and you’ll see the benefits.

Aim for the best

If you want your app to surpass every other app, plan carefully, work closely with your team, do whatever it takes to make it as flawless as you can. If you have some sort of thoughts on your mind like ‘Nobody would care about this app’ and so forth, you already fail.

And some more tips to help increase attention

One good way to draw people’s attention to your brand name with your mobile app is inserting the brand name, logo and information of other apps in the app screens. By doing so, you can effectively mark brand name in users’ mind as well as promote your other products.


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