The Vietnamese human genome

The Vietnamese human genome

Description: Savvycom's engineers teamed up with researchers from Vietnamese prestigious universities to conduct research on Vietnam human genome within 2 years. Besides the Perl programming language, a large number of open source libraries and software such as gatk, bwa, breakdancer was used to analyze big data up to tens of TB. The data will be split for concurrently processing and used on server with up to 256GB RAM.

Results: Medical scientists are now working to develop and provide systems that allow doctors to diagnose diseases based on the genome analysis.

Large Vehicle Referral

Large Vehicle Referral Large Vehicle Referral

A referral system that connects brokers, businesses having freight loads to be delivered, and trucks, businesses willing to do delivery services with trucks. Operating smoothly as a responsive website, the system allows a business to post jobs/services, and look for appropriate services/jobs. With 2 customized backend components, brokers and businesses have different views and functions.

Results: This site is currently in operating smoothly and stability for more than 3 years. At this moment, it has attracted 15,000 – 30,000 posts and services daily.

Technology: CakePHP,MySQL,HTML5, JQuery, Ajax, Canvas Map.


Fast Hotel Booking

Ratechex - Fast Hotel Booking Ratechex - Fast Hotel Booking

Smart hotel booking system which enables users to find the best hotels, deals, and traveling promotions around then easily booking hotel rooms through the price comparison, and synthesizes comments on each of hotel from the crawled review information. Ratechex works with monthly up to millions of traffic and provide a rich information kit, including hotel details, good deals and customer reviews.

Technology: PHP 5.3.x, MySQL 5.1.x, Jquery 1.6, Plot library, Javascript + CSS Minifier, AJAX, HTML, Java, crawling and indexing, Memcached

Specific Business Intention

Customer Feedback Management

Web-based Complaint Handling Web-based Complaint Handling

A business intelligence system which is designed to summarize, synthetic customers' complaint statistics and advice how post offices the next actions. The system is integrated with comprehensive reporting and map visualization in order to illustrate which areas have more complaints, or which areas the complaints are effectively handled.

Results: This system has been successfully used by TNT post - one of the largest international postal and transport companies in Germany.

Technology: PHP, MySQL, SOAP, LDAP, Dynamic Map - OpenLayers,Google Geocoding Service, AJAX.

Specific Business Intention

Intelligent logistics

BI Application BI Application

A Business Intelligence solution for tracking and monitoring the quality service of postal and mailing services for TNT Post, one of the largest private postal service provider based in Dresden, Germany.

Technology: Java, Spring, MySQL, Jasper Server, iReport, OLAP Server (Mondrian server), MDX.

Specific Business Intention

Web Applications

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