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The benefits of usability testing

The usability test would increase the chance of success for your applications. Moreover, testing might help you figure out new features and functionalities for your applications. The users might suggest ideas on your products that you can never imagine they think of until you ask them. Conducting a user test is also one of the best ways to find out any bugs you might miss and can fix them before the official release.

A study of Localytics revealed that 20% of mobile apps are used once and never opened again. Testing the usability of mobile apps is a very important stage for all developers, marketers, product owners and agencies. However, it can be difficult and expensive to conduct a usability test.

Consider the below tips to have your successful test.

The usability test would increase the chance of success for your applications
The usability test would increase the chance of success for your applications

Test emotional engagement

User’s motivation to use your mobile apps can be measured by emotional engagement. It is important to understand how your users react and how your app fits into their lives, thus you can develop an appropriate plan to keep your users engaged with your app.

For instance, Instagram has been seen as one of the most popular camera apps as the developers really understood how the user’s thoughts and what motivated them. With Instagram, everyone can see your photos and that inspires you to take more and better photos. Besides this, the app allows users to share photos on other social networking sites such as Facebook, thus it promotes the viral spread of the app.

Test in real-world conditions

Conducting the test in real-world conditions would be different from doing it in a controlled environment due to its great impacts on testers’ behaviour. To be more specific, a game tester might have better performance if he can play on the smartphone that he gets familiar with or in his bedroom where he feels comfortable. In addition, rather than hiring professional testers, you should ask the public to do the test in return for the small reward.


Mockups are important for usability testing since they are cheap and can help you avoid rewrite code. There are a lot of tools that can help you to create a mockup for your testing. A mockup for usability testing should be interactive and simple to make sure that your testers would have a great experience. BluePrint, AppCooker and FluidUI are some names you should consider. Or you can create your handmade sketch to enjoy more freedom and lower cost.

Keep the questions concise

No users could be interested in doing a long and complicated test. Too long testing time might cause negative effects on testers’ performance so that they could not suggest helpful ideas. Keep your questions short & simple, and sometimes, give users implicit questions to get more information with the same question.

Vary platforms and devices

Testing on an iPhone might be different from doing it on an Android phone. In the same way, the user’s experience after testing your app on an iPad would not be the same as doing it on an iPhone. In other word, conducting your usability test on various platforms and devices would give you a big picture. Thus, you should let users bring their own devices and try to cover as many platforms and devices as you can.

iphone testing

Popular usability testing tools


User Testing provides mobile usability testing which includes written responses to questions. One outstanding advantage of this tool is that it can conduct remote unmoderated usability testing with very low cost. Otherwise, with a large network of testers, you can get results after just a few hours. However, the quality of data that you get might not too high since the fees for tester are relatively small.


With Userlytics, screen interaction, tester voices and webcam video images of testers can be recorded. The cost to conduct a test is relatively low, but you need Gold or Enterprise plans to download of recording for editing and sharing.


UserZoom provides with powerful reporting and analytics tools that can help researchers analyse the test results. In addition, it offers different plans that include free Pilot, Basic plan at $9,000, Pro Plan at $29,000, and an Enterprise plan that requires a custom quote. However, tester audio and video recording are not provided.

Internal bug tracker

To optimise testing, Savvycom developed a site that can effectively deal with bugs. Once testers find out any bugs, they will report them on the site and then developers are assigned to fix specific bugs. After that, testers will check again to make sure that all bugs are fixed before release. The site is not only a completed internal bug tracker but also a practical way to manage projects.

Usability testing requires a great deal of money and work involved. You should take into account what is appropriate for your mobile app to be successful.

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